Try It On…Maybe I’m Amazed?!

“Let the Truth be told that I am open and I am listening.  I will let the Truth in and let it become a part of my new life unfolding”.

How often do we express the need for the Truth, then once we receive words or actions validating our request for the Truth we will turn them away in denial, in doubt, or in our fear of what it might mean to let them in?  “Just try it on” we could say to our self.  What if we simply let in all that is coming to us or through us at this time of needed Truth, and allow it all to be a potential part in what we are considering or discerning now?  How is the Truth validated if we don’t give it the opportunity to be “tried on” or “tasted” for its levels of goodness?  We may continue to find every reason to deny our self the Truth simply by making excuses of why we think we would not like the perceived potentials.  We may go over and over the limited facts or perceived evidence, of what may be wrong with the potential Truth, only to realize we truly don’t know any more than our limited glimpse in perception.

What is it that stops us from “trying it on”?  Initially we may sense disassociation or disharmony with what we are facing and confronting.  Yet, why do we forever run from what may appear to be adverse or challenging?  Our excuses may be “we don’t have the time for any great challenges” or “we would rather not know why there’s disharmony”.  Thus, we’d rather move right along past the challenges while attempting to resist them somehow, only to realize we begin to feel a greater adversity to them. We ask ourselves “How can we avoid dealing with these confronting situations, especially when we would rather only know peace?”  Here again, simply “trying on” what has come forward for us to acknowledge and recognize, will now give us the power we need to make an educated decision to move forward in our Truth. 

By allowing the new world around us and all its elements to be “tried on”, one by one or in different combinations, we will eventually find the right fit.  The joy can be ours and be shared with any others, as we continue to allow the Light of the Truth to illuminate the best parts of what we need at this time.  We are all creative beings.  We are all in a place of creating and actualizing these creations.  Afterwards, let your experience of “trying it on” settle while allowing the revelations to move you to “Maybe I’m amazed!”  We never need to worry as every Truth we may need now along the way can come to us, in its own Divine and beautiful way.

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