Monthly Archives: December 2012

Don’t Let Freedom Scare You

Heads up, surfs up, ride the waves, and work with the forces and movement of the elements in play.  Any resistance will slow you down.  Do you trust your own ways of knowing what to do, where to go, who to connect with, or how you will follow through with your actions?  If you’ve come thus far have you not used your own tools to discern these types of questions as you move along?

What is it about freedom that we do not trust?  Most of us long to have freedom in most everything we do, yet what happens once we have it?  Do we immediately run rampant and lose all control or do we make a mad attempt to set up new strict guidelines in order to keep firm control?  Where’s the middle of the best scenario when it comes to allowing and maintaining our freedom?  Do we need new defined limits in order to avoid falling into any extremes?  And, if we do need new limits, how will we know what our best limits would be when we have not yet understood what it means to be free in our new found freedom?

Relax and breathe, you are still riding the wave.  Ride it out and go the distance with this new found freedom.  Trust that you will know when the wave has reached the shore.  Until then, observe what is all around you as the wave will continue to move you forward at its own speed, pace, and momentum.  Yes, you can trust the forces you are now flowing in.  You are already in them, now go all the way here.  Risk the full exposure of the grandest version; you are only getting glimpses as you ride the wave.

The shore will bring a whole new perspective, one that is up close and personal.  Yes, this is where the many elements in play, great and small, will be in their transformed version of truth ready to be exposed by you.  You must not ever let freedom scare you.  Some boundaries are meant to be crossed yet you will do so with integrity of heart, mind and action.  This can be the only way to know the grander version of truth.  Without fear you will be able to move freely through the things that could have severely limited outplay of a grander version or have created stagnation in the fulfillment of what this freedom was meant to create along the way.

Many doors and their options now open and become available with your freedom, as freedom will bring a new awareness unlike any you have known before.  Relinquish your thoughts about being ill-equipped to handle your freedom.  You are here now and ready to know the power and strength of your own abilities as you continue to leave fear out, ride the wave in, and risk the exposure of all that is now ready for full view and full force before you.  See yourself through to the grandest version of life for you and all around you.

Don’t Fix Your Emotions Feel Them and Simply Turn The Page

Cut right into the most tender and juicy parts of your life and allow yourself the goodness and deliciousness of the fruits of your labors, physical and spiritual.  Why do we forget to taste the goodness and to feel the joy and delight of our day’s moments that we experience along the way?  What has us held back from turning the pages in the stories of our lives?  For some we may want to savor the moments and remain attached to their greatest memories.  For others we may be too afraid to turn the pages in fear of what our future holds.  Yet life is in motion, this we know.  Can we actually use the word “simply” to describe the action of turning the pages of our life?

During our learning and growth experiences we come to know our emotions a little bit better, as in how we feel.  As we come to know our emotions most of us will find a way to label or define how we feel, carefully choosing our words for our self or those we are addressing at the time.  What happens if we feel that our expressed feelings were misunderstood or had created discomfort in our self or another? Should we immediately attempt to “fix” the words we used in describing our feelings in order to please whomever we felt needed clarification?  Would the “fixed” version still hold the integrity of our original words and what we were intending to express?

Can we see that as we dwell on any event or scenario in our life with an attempt to “fix” our feelings, we will keep our self stuck in that event or scenario?  Where would the new answer be then?  What if we simply turn the pages of our life while we feel all of our feelings in their unique variations and combinations?  Can we see how we may now experience something new?  That as we move forward by turning the pages of our life’s moments, in time we will gain a new understanding of what’s now available for us to feel, know, and experience?

We truly are never fixing anything, there’s nothing to fix. If we are experiencing and expressing, we are feeling over and over again all that has come forward for us dimensionally to now engage in.  We clearly open a new door with every page we turn.  We give our self the opportunity to explore new realms and dimensional aspects of our feelings, while fully embracing their effectiveness.  Thus, as you will allow this to be “simple” so it shall “simply” be.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say “Show Me”

No need to run away, realize where your heart is and start there.  Everything flows in and through that core place within you.  Balance on the inside then look out to capture your vision.  What do you see?  Allow yourself to take in the full scope, which means assessing how you feel inside about what you are viewing and observing.  Your perception will change with the degree of momentum and power of the changes occurring before you.  Do not dismiss anything that you find, every piece or element is becoming part of the intricate manifestation now actualizing, synchronistical and dimensional. Once the pieces seem to have settled take a good look at what may seem out of place or not up to the standard you feel is imperative and effective at this time of you creating what is coming together.

During any creative time it is imperative to continue in the flow of the power and momentum of changes, dimensionally and for all concerned.  How do you know if what you are doing is correct?  Simply understand that you cannot do this wrong.  No matter how you go about this process, it is your decided actions that give and keep progress flowing in its greatest momentum and capacity.  It may be that to make a decision, even if it has a perceived potential for mistake or failure, may be better than to make no decision at all.  There are many elements at play thus it would be impossible to capture them all, and to be precise in what you would do with them appropriately.  Remember you are letting go of the control in allowing what may be the grandest version of life unfolding.  Without struggle or resistance the many elements can be founded to land in their new and proper place, simply through mutual attraction and the need for natural balance.

As you let go, stay focused on what has your greatest attention.  You will be inspired by how it speaks to you, thus new interpretations will easily unfold in their connected Truths coming forward.  Again, continue this sort and merge process, moving forward and gently merging with it all. Remember, there will always be fate to act as the “spinal cord” of Truth, which assists you in confidently weaving together the elements in their most effective and joyful manner.  There is a greater power and momentum now as you shift gears, adjusting the speed to accommodate the progress now being experienced.