Don’t Fix Your Emotions Feel Them and Simply Turn The Page

Cut right into the most tender and juicy parts of your life and allow yourself the goodness and deliciousness of the fruits of your labors, physical and spiritual.  Why do we forget to taste the goodness and to feel the joy and delight of our day’s moments that we experience along the way?  What has us held back from turning the pages in the stories of our lives?  For some we may want to savor the moments and remain attached to their greatest memories.  For others we may be too afraid to turn the pages in fear of what our future holds.  Yet life is in motion, this we know.  Can we actually use the word “simply” to describe the action of turning the pages of our life?

During our learning and growth experiences we come to know our emotions a little bit better, as in how we feel.  As we come to know our emotions most of us will find a way to label or define how we feel, carefully choosing our words for our self or those we are addressing at the time.  What happens if we feel that our expressed feelings were misunderstood or had created discomfort in our self or another? Should we immediately attempt to “fix” the words we used in describing our feelings in order to please whomever we felt needed clarification?  Would the “fixed” version still hold the integrity of our original words and what we were intending to express?

Can we see that as we dwell on any event or scenario in our life with an attempt to “fix” our feelings, we will keep our self stuck in that event or scenario?  Where would the new answer be then?  What if we simply turn the pages of our life while we feel all of our feelings in their unique variations and combinations?  Can we see how we may now experience something new?  That as we move forward by turning the pages of our life’s moments, in time we will gain a new understanding of what’s now available for us to feel, know, and experience?

We truly are never fixing anything, there’s nothing to fix. If we are experiencing and expressing, we are feeling over and over again all that has come forward for us dimensionally to now engage in.  We clearly open a new door with every page we turn.  We give our self the opportunity to explore new realms and dimensional aspects of our feelings, while fully embracing their effectiveness.  Thus, as you will allow this to be “simple” so it shall “simply” be.

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