Bare All That You Bear

Strip down, peel off all of the layers and bare the core of what’s real and lasting… all that you bear.  How can one word have such different meanings?  If what we are bearing is what we are carrying or hanging on to, then how does that have any real or lasting value?  Are we not better to let go or release what we bear?  Yet, what if what we bear means our gifts, our talents and skills, our wisdom and our channel for the pure love that we flow through us?  Is this the “bear” we are fond of?  And to bare our gifts and talents, would that not be a great gift to our world, to expose and reveal all that we are and have to share with the world? If it is good to bare all that we bear would we then somehow be lightening our load?

In baring our gifts and talents we allow them to be utilized and shared.  Here we invigorate our power through sharing our bared giftedness, thus rejuvenating and revitalizing all of our being.  In the baring we allow the Light to shine upon all that we are and have to offer, thus others are inspired to bare and share their giftedness too.  Here we become the inspiration, as what we bear and have to offer is now utilized in its own very unique way, by our self and those who share in our whole-hearted giving of all that we bear/bare.  A unique connection can be made here between what is bared and what we bear.  It’s as if we control what the meaning of “bare” or “bear” will be, as it is based upon our own perspective of how we define it.

We can take this one step further and begin to see how important and magnificent all that we individually bare would be for us, dimensionally and for all concerned.  It’s as if our individual and unique vessel is the only one to bear/bare the unique contents of what’s being bared.  That this in itself is of lasting value, since as we share the unique contents of what we bear we are making unique connections in unique ways.  This is the magnificence.  Here’s where the baring of Truth acts as a one-of-a-kind key to unlock more Truth, which only this unique baring can.

A bear will hibernate in order to regroup and rejuvenate its energy.  And, just as the bear will sleep so too does what we bear, until the Divine Time to awaken or bare the necessary elements of what we bear.  And, as we bare what we bear we are then given the opportunity to release more of what we know no longer serves us, as our new found strength awakened through our baring now carries us forward, into our greater power in activating all that is now ready to be accepted and utilized.  To bare more of whom we are and are ready to now share.

2 thoughts on “Bare All That You Bear

  1. Karen Fisher

    Three phrases stand out as the key meaning: “Exposé And Reveal, Whole Hearted Giving, and Power in Acivating.”
    Therefore, if I am to use my Divine Vessel (myself) I must use my POWER to “expose and reveal” in whatever way I have with the “power TO activate” my ability to GIVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!
    This sounds so simple and it can be if I only accept my innate inability to trust that others will respond in giving back with their own heartfelt wholeness. Giving is indeed better than receiving, if we can accept that ‘our gift’ is the receipt of the love from which we gave in the first place! That only comes when TRUST comes before it. When we can bare our TRUST, we will BEAR the fruits of that trust which is LOVE.


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