Stay Curious…Bridge The Repetitions of Your Life Melody

What is your true story and where would it begin?  What started “you” as you know and see yourself today?  Could it be told verbatim?  How would your version of your true story compare to another’s version of your true story?  Is it at all possible for them to see the unfolding events the same way?  Probably unlikely, since we all have a unique perspective of our life that comes from our own interpretation of the experiences we’ve engaged in.  So then, how does one begin to know their true story?

If we are the interpreter of our own lives then our perspective would be the truth of the true story being revealed; this would be our perspective at the time we are revealing the story.  As we begin to look at what might be in this true story, we might find and uncover many new truths we had not realized before this time of reflection.  Here is where we begin to realize and understand the importance of being curious.  That in taking the risk to be curious, we open the way for our greatest opportunity to uncover and reveal the greater deeper truths of our true story. 

Here we may find the roots to what has had us facing uncertainties and fears for as long as we can remember.  Here we could say “It’s in my past, thus the revelation that appears can easily be confronted.  Here in this place I am right now I have evolved and am wiser, thus any fears must have changed and evolved too.”  There are new elements in our life, thus through our curiosity we are able to bridge the old/past experience with our new/today’s version, by today’s standards of who we are and how we see our self.

In our inspired enthusiasm we can now bridge many life experiences together while coming to find there’s a same truth, or common thread, linking them all together.  We will begin to see new patterns developing and, as we see these newly linked patterns, we offer our self the opportunity to see our true story a whole new way; from a new perspective and one of a higher regard if we so choose.  We realize we no longer have to run from our fears and uncertainties and instead can embrace them in all versions of our true story consistently unfolding.

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