Activating Our Essence

Remember; yes remember why you are here.  No sticky notes necessary, it is already inside of you.  Stop, relax, and then listen.  There’s a new rhythm and pace to the life that is rolling out now, beyond the red carpet, beyond the doorways and hallways.  You are already here in the space where you need to be, as what is to be activated has come to the forefront of your priorities through your present actions.  Set down your agendas and expectations, one must be completely open and free to fully accept the unexpected.  One must remove any and all resistance to the source/essence they are beginning to sense as unusual or unexplainable.

There’s a feeling you may not quite be able to describe, yet you know it exists within you.  Yes, this is the new energy now flowing through you and of a new vibration and rhythm you have not quite known before. With the essence of this new energy you awaken the power within you to recognize new understanding, unavailable before this time.  As you begin to sense all that is newly activated by this new energy you will also come to know what to do with it, utilizing its potent power and force.  You’re unique and masterfully crafted ways of channeling this powerful force will become the center of your awakening, while your ability to follow through, utilizing your unique vessel, will result in the full acceptance of your responsibility at this great and demanding time.

Love will keep you in full balance. Here, once again you are reminded to outweigh any resistance, doubts, or fears, by simply choosing love in all that you perceive,  while using your natural ability to flow freely and uninhibited in any way.  Open up to the call of the experience you will sense as good and joyous, even as what is taking place is moving you in a new direction at top speeds in flow and thrust.  Never mind the minds need to assess and judge.  You have come to this moment fully prepared for the unique opportunity that it brings directly to you, for you, dimensionally and for all concerned.  Your undying trust will see to it that you are able to move forward fearlessly in your every needed and necessary action for activating all that has come to Light.

You are honored and blessed by your full participation for fulfillment of the grandest version and greatest possibilities, all being released into the universal thought-pool.  A magnificent time to engage as you find your way to the full awakening  in the complete essence of all that you are and evolving to be.

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