What Are We Expecting From Our Mind’s Dilemmas?

Remove the brain clutter and realize simplicity.  How often do we say this to our self?  What seems to consistently come up for us that wages challenges and competitive wars in our thoughts process?  What is the Truth in our battles of the mind, or is the concept of “Truth” our greatest adversary?  Being present in our now moment holds the key here.  What are we expecting from our self as we stand in the middle of our minds dilemmas?  What are we attempting to convince our self in order to feel worthy to move forward in our next needed steps or actions?  What has us held hostage in this place of needed fulfillment of desire and expectancy?

Most often we will find our usual ways to dance around the “should’s” of our stale reality, thinking if we process our thoughts with minor twists and turns we are then still remaining in our progress forward without too many waves of controversy.  We tend to think the less controversy the better the way to what we are seeking to accomplish.  Is this our Inner Truth?  Are the dilemmas that appear in the mind the enemy or the hero?  Once we reach the point of controversy and competition in our mind, could this be the point of our greatest changes?

Once realized we are now able to remove the perspective of dilemma and see the opposition as our need to flow the Truth from our inner Core-Self.  To allow the Inner Truth to be freely spoken to us in that now and present moment, as what has come forward out of this triggered competitive mind war is the opening for the flow of all that we are now needing and desiring.  It’s not the “should’s”, it’s not the “we better or else”, and it’s not the stale version of any way we’ve been processing or accepting.  Our expectancy has dissipated here and we realize we have completely opened the way for what is the greatest Truth to be told, for us to make our next new steps of needed action.  We are free once again.

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