Monthly Archives: February 2013

To Emerge is Brave To Connect is Wise

Breathe each breath with purpose and meaning.  Know that you are here for a reason and that your life is a long term process, no matter how many years you are given to live it.  The fullness of all that you are comes forward in a way of grace and beauty no matter what you have experienced so far, or have had to endure in any way of pain or suffering.  There truly is a purpose for everything that continues, day-in and day-out.  It is all in our perspective whether we will notice what we like or dislike, as what we focus on expands through our expectancy.  Of course these are things we may already be aware of, yet what is it that has us held back when it comes time to emerge out of the comfort zone of our skin and allow our Spirit, our giftedness, and our hearts experience to shine?

What keeps us held back from allowing ourselves to reconnect to the Truths that brought us to “here” in this present time?  “Keep it simple” we may think or intend, then why all the drama?  Why do we continue to weave webs that entangle us in old hurts and painful memories shared with others?  There’s a Truth that exists somewhere in time, where we once connected to another through our hearts shared love.  There was once, somewhere in time, a deep intimate knowing of love for those we may still find ourselves entangled in confusion and drama, created in past unresolved conflicts.  Conflicts that could simply be transformed through the reconnection of the initial Truth of that special bond once created in pure love and innocence.

In our moments of loneliness we pray to not be alone, to not feel isolated, or separated from another we hold a special bond with.  Then what happens when we hear or sense a call of love?  Are we willing to emerge out of ourselves and make the connection with the one seeking it?  Yes, we will still discern what is right and true for ourselves, in allowing ourselves to be fully open.  Trusting if what we sense now as a needed connection with another can be made, no matter what the circumstances entail.  Yet do we realize that it is up to us to respond in our Highest and Best way, and that we are all capable of responding to the call to love another, in giving or receiving?  Simply emerge and connect.  The rest of what is to unfold will divinely fall into place as new connections will now come forth from the two that united together at this Divine Time, in this loving, open and unconditional way.

Love is pure; it reaches the depths of all existence.  It’s up to all of us to be the open channel and vessel, while sharing through our hearts connections.  Through all dimensions of time and space there will be a Truth of love to connect with, as we utilize the wisdom of our experience to give and receive love.

Embracing Our New Pulse

Ready or not here it comes, as a revelation, felt as an explosion of pure positive potent powerful passionate energy.  Like fireworks going off inside, we never know what to expect in the explosion of light and color against the blank backdrop of our mind.  Once experienced in its full glory of color, sparkle, and popping blasts of unseen energy capsules, we begin to assess then translate our vision into a definition that has meaning for us.  How do we feel about this experience as it is revealed to us?  What is our risk here in making this assessment of what we are experiencing?  Are we able to allow the fullness of everything that is taking place in and around us?

Are we able to see past the vision and fully experience the experience dimensionally, as with all of our senses?  This is where the pulse is found. This is the time we begin to realize our pulse has changed, shifting the momentum of everything we are now actively engaging in.  We realize our thoughts, decisions and steps forward have all adapted to this new pulse, passionately driving us forward to experience “more”, to feel “more”, to allow “more”, to embrace “more”, and to apply what is “more” into our day-to-day living and breathing “more”.  Present now is a true understanding of our unique capacity to channel “more”, fully, openly, innocently, and naturally.  We begin to understand with clarity the meaning of the risks we feel we’ve taken thus far, in order to experience our new pulse at this greater level of natural flow and incorporated experience.

We realize we have removed many of our past obstacles, inhibitions, and restrictions, to no longer be seduced by their influence. The expansion, with a new pulse of its own, has already taken place in its new way of being in our experience.  We may still feel somewhat uncertain, still questioning what is attempting to gain our active attention, focus, and awareness, yet we will not stop. The new pulse now drives us passionately forward, to seek what is newly available and accessible for manifesting and creating our present-now.

There is pure joy here, pure excitement, and a pure understanding of our connection to where we now stand, as the pulse within us validates our alignment to all that we are now prepared and ready to experience this way.

Significance of Living Each Day As Your Last

Simply follow your thoughts and you will know who or what you are connected to.  We would think that remaining consistent with what’s significant to us in our lives would be simple to do, that what bears significance to us regularly remains dominant in our thoughts as we go about our day’s actions.  Yet why do we find ourselves in opposition with what we feel are our most important aspects that need or deserve our greatest attention?  What creates any type of opposition to our easy flowing consistent actions around the aspects we feel are significant?

If we were to set a standard of living each day as our last, how might this help create a consistent flow in our decided day’s actions?  Will we allow a greater focus toward those significant aspects and experiences, because of our ability to fully live our day as if it were our last?  Would we resist less when it came to giving our time and attention to what we found significant to us and to those we care about? And, as we allow more of our actions to revolve around what is significant would we allow our own –personal significance room to grow, where we would find the present value in being who we are and who we are with significant?  Does holding the idea of living each day as if it’s our last open all possibilities while setting higher standards for our day-to-day consistent living with significance?

We may ask “Why do we even question this, are we not already aware of our consistent thoughts and actions on a day-to-day basis?”  We may be acutely aware of our daily thoughts and actions yet what will go on beyond this awareness?  We may ask ourselves “How am I interpreting what I’m becoming aware of?” as what we are aware of will bear some level of significance, determined by us through our interpretation of its level of importance.  Remaining consistent here with our interpretation process we will find our answers as to why or how what remains significant and what falls away into nothingness.

What happens when we claim aspects to be significant yet don’t hold them in our day-to-day awareness?  Here we may take a deeper look at what we believe as significant as it will consistently remain tied and connected to our thoughts process, even if we are unaware of it.  We come to understand that anything we hold significant, whether by an invisible thread or a fountain of awareness, will have some level of effect on our day-to-day decisions and actions.  Thus, if today were our last day we would consistently remember to remain open to our significance in living the day to its fullest.

Questioning Our Sense of Security

Security, is it what we are striving for?  To be “secure” in everything we attempt to do or in all that we choose to participate in?  Are we seeking to know and understand the experiences in our lives yet becoming afraid, even paralyzed, before we’ve allowed a full understanding to become evident?  Breaking down, getting hurt, or suffering from a “fall” are not what we look forward to, yet how do we protect ourselves from these events?  Is it even possible to prevent what we may or may not know might occur?  Yes, there is a “might” here or a “maybe” that is involved in all of our actions we choose to take.  Even the most thought-out or pre-measured actions have variables that will bring a “maybe” or a “might” to outplay.

And, what if it does?  What if we stumble, slide, roll, twist and turn?  What is it about these that we may see them differently?  How can we embrace the “might happen” with confidence and whole-heartedly know that the steps we feel we must take are the steps we must take, no matter the degree of possibility in twisting or turning.  What if in our evaluations and calculations we allow our intentions for the integrity of our “security” to guide our decisions and the amount of caution we place in our every footsteps?  Is it not enough to move forward with our greatest intentions in the forefront of our focus, while allowing our inner-compass to be trusted to navigate our way, in synchronicity with our inner Truth?   How else do we evaluate “security” in our lives?

What do we use to measure or discern this great need we have for “security”?  Is it love, money, possessions, our job, our home, or our health?  More than likely it is all of these and more, yet what is the common thread holding this concept of security in question?  Do the inconsistencies in these create our insecurities?  What if we could find a new way to embrace our life beyond our fears, as we are right here and now, so that we might begin to feel the joy, the love, the happy, or the simple knowing that we’ve been longing to experience and understand.

That as we look back and reflect on our life thus far we can accept our twists and turns as necessary to all that we are, then and now.  That we are the only one to know our individual path’s intricate twists and turns, and the true meaning of each piece of wisdom gathered and gained along the way.