Questioning Our Sense of Security

Security, is it what we are striving for?  To be “secure” in everything we attempt to do or in all that we choose to participate in?  Are we seeking to know and understand the experiences in our lives yet becoming afraid, even paralyzed, before we’ve allowed a full understanding to become evident?  Breaking down, getting hurt, or suffering from a “fall” are not what we look forward to, yet how do we protect ourselves from these events?  Is it even possible to prevent what we may or may not know might occur?  Yes, there is a “might” here or a “maybe” that is involved in all of our actions we choose to take.  Even the most thought-out or pre-measured actions have variables that will bring a “maybe” or a “might” to outplay.

And, what if it does?  What if we stumble, slide, roll, twist and turn?  What is it about these that we may see them differently?  How can we embrace the “might happen” with confidence and whole-heartedly know that the steps we feel we must take are the steps we must take, no matter the degree of possibility in twisting or turning.  What if in our evaluations and calculations we allow our intentions for the integrity of our “security” to guide our decisions and the amount of caution we place in our every footsteps?  Is it not enough to move forward with our greatest intentions in the forefront of our focus, while allowing our inner-compass to be trusted to navigate our way, in synchronicity with our inner Truth?   How else do we evaluate “security” in our lives?

What do we use to measure or discern this great need we have for “security”?  Is it love, money, possessions, our job, our home, or our health?  More than likely it is all of these and more, yet what is the common thread holding this concept of security in question?  Do the inconsistencies in these create our insecurities?  What if we could find a new way to embrace our life beyond our fears, as we are right here and now, so that we might begin to feel the joy, the love, the happy, or the simple knowing that we’ve been longing to experience and understand.

That as we look back and reflect on our life thus far we can accept our twists and turns as necessary to all that we are, then and now.  That we are the only one to know our individual path’s intricate twists and turns, and the true meaning of each piece of wisdom gathered and gained along the way.

1 thought on “Questioning Our Sense of Security

  1. Karen

    How very profound…. Security imay be only as safe as our minds allow us to accept and our hearts to face in the fear of questioning trust.


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