Significance of Living Each Day As Your Last

Simply follow your thoughts and you will know who or what you are connected to.  We would think that remaining consistent with what’s significant to us in our lives would be simple to do, that what bears significance to us regularly remains dominant in our thoughts as we go about our day’s actions.  Yet why do we find ourselves in opposition with what we feel are our most important aspects that need or deserve our greatest attention?  What creates any type of opposition to our easy flowing consistent actions around the aspects we feel are significant?

If we were to set a standard of living each day as our last, how might this help create a consistent flow in our decided day’s actions?  Will we allow a greater focus toward those significant aspects and experiences, because of our ability to fully live our day as if it were our last?  Would we resist less when it came to giving our time and attention to what we found significant to us and to those we care about? And, as we allow more of our actions to revolve around what is significant would we allow our own –personal significance room to grow, where we would find the present value in being who we are and who we are with significant?  Does holding the idea of living each day as if it’s our last open all possibilities while setting higher standards for our day-to-day consistent living with significance?

We may ask “Why do we even question this, are we not already aware of our consistent thoughts and actions on a day-to-day basis?”  We may be acutely aware of our daily thoughts and actions yet what will go on beyond this awareness?  We may ask ourselves “How am I interpreting what I’m becoming aware of?” as what we are aware of will bear some level of significance, determined by us through our interpretation of its level of importance.  Remaining consistent here with our interpretation process we will find our answers as to why or how what remains significant and what falls away into nothingness.

What happens when we claim aspects to be significant yet don’t hold them in our day-to-day awareness?  Here we may take a deeper look at what we believe as significant as it will consistently remain tied and connected to our thoughts process, even if we are unaware of it.  We come to understand that anything we hold significant, whether by an invisible thread or a fountain of awareness, will have some level of effect on our day-to-day decisions and actions.  Thus, if today were our last day we would consistently remember to remain open to our significance in living the day to its fullest.

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