Embracing Our New Pulse

Ready or not here it comes, as a revelation, felt as an explosion of pure positive potent powerful passionate energy.  Like fireworks going off inside, we never know what to expect in the explosion of light and color against the blank backdrop of our mind.  Once experienced in its full glory of color, sparkle, and popping blasts of unseen energy capsules, we begin to assess then translate our vision into a definition that has meaning for us.  How do we feel about this experience as it is revealed to us?  What is our risk here in making this assessment of what we are experiencing?  Are we able to allow the fullness of everything that is taking place in and around us?

Are we able to see past the vision and fully experience the experience dimensionally, as with all of our senses?  This is where the pulse is found. This is the time we begin to realize our pulse has changed, shifting the momentum of everything we are now actively engaging in.  We realize our thoughts, decisions and steps forward have all adapted to this new pulse, passionately driving us forward to experience “more”, to feel “more”, to allow “more”, to embrace “more”, and to apply what is “more” into our day-to-day living and breathing “more”.  Present now is a true understanding of our unique capacity to channel “more”, fully, openly, innocently, and naturally.  We begin to understand with clarity the meaning of the risks we feel we’ve taken thus far, in order to experience our new pulse at this greater level of natural flow and incorporated experience.

We realize we have removed many of our past obstacles, inhibitions, and restrictions, to no longer be seduced by their influence. The expansion, with a new pulse of its own, has already taken place in its new way of being in our experience.  We may still feel somewhat uncertain, still questioning what is attempting to gain our active attention, focus, and awareness, yet we will not stop. The new pulse now drives us passionately forward, to seek what is newly available and accessible for manifesting and creating our present-now.

There is pure joy here, pure excitement, and a pure understanding of our connection to where we now stand, as the pulse within us validates our alignment to all that we are now prepared and ready to experience this way.

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