To Emerge is Brave To Connect is Wise

Breathe each breath with purpose and meaning.  Know that you are here for a reason and that your life is a long term process, no matter how many years you are given to live it.  The fullness of all that you are comes forward in a way of grace and beauty no matter what you have experienced so far, or have had to endure in any way of pain or suffering.  There truly is a purpose for everything that continues, day-in and day-out.  It is all in our perspective whether we will notice what we like or dislike, as what we focus on expands through our expectancy.  Of course these are things we may already be aware of, yet what is it that has us held back when it comes time to emerge out of the comfort zone of our skin and allow our Spirit, our giftedness, and our hearts experience to shine?

What keeps us held back from allowing ourselves to reconnect to the Truths that brought us to “here” in this present time?  “Keep it simple” we may think or intend, then why all the drama?  Why do we continue to weave webs that entangle us in old hurts and painful memories shared with others?  There’s a Truth that exists somewhere in time, where we once connected to another through our hearts shared love.  There was once, somewhere in time, a deep intimate knowing of love for those we may still find ourselves entangled in confusion and drama, created in past unresolved conflicts.  Conflicts that could simply be transformed through the reconnection of the initial Truth of that special bond once created in pure love and innocence.

In our moments of loneliness we pray to not be alone, to not feel isolated, or separated from another we hold a special bond with.  Then what happens when we hear or sense a call of love?  Are we willing to emerge out of ourselves and make the connection with the one seeking it?  Yes, we will still discern what is right and true for ourselves, in allowing ourselves to be fully open.  Trusting if what we sense now as a needed connection with another can be made, no matter what the circumstances entail.  Yet do we realize that it is up to us to respond in our Highest and Best way, and that we are all capable of responding to the call to love another, in giving or receiving?  Simply emerge and connect.  The rest of what is to unfold will divinely fall into place as new connections will now come forth from the two that united together at this Divine Time, in this loving, open and unconditional way.

Love is pure; it reaches the depths of all existence.  It’s up to all of us to be the open channel and vessel, while sharing through our hearts connections.  Through all dimensions of time and space there will be a Truth of love to connect with, as we utilize the wisdom of our experience to give and receive love.

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