Monthly Archives: March 2013

With Freedom Comes Great Abundance

What are we hanging onto when it comes to allowing our self the ability to let go and experience pure freedom?  Is there truly such an experience?  What happens when we are given greater freedom or achieve it in a greater capacity?  Is it possible to be free in all that we do, think, say, or feel?  Of course, we can and we do with each step, as we realize the potential at that time for greater freedom in being all that we are and desire to become.  We immediately sense the abundant nature and essence of our freedom and allow it to fully flow in all aspects of our lives.  Yet often times there can seem to be something limiting or restricting us in some way.  Does that mean we are not truly free?  How do we normally receive and respond to greater freedom in our day-to-day living and decision making?

Do we fear our freedom and wonder what next thing will come along to take that freedom away from us?  Do we feel guilty because we find our self set apart in our freedom, from others who continue to choose the opposite?  In our greater awareness what can come with this abundant nature of our freedom are uncertainty, insecurity, and vulnerability.  Here we stand, feeling our very best in our alignment with the best of our experience, when fear of unknowns comes to challenge us in how we remain or thrive in our new found freedom.  We ask our self “How can this fear be present when where we stand is right where we wanted to be for so long?”  “Can we let go in a greater way in order to know what greater freedom might be for us and then be willing to step into it, knowing that once we do there will be no turning back?”

It’s close to impossible to know what our new and greater freedom may mean for us and all those we are connected to.  Is it safe to assume that it is healthy and in our integrity to continue on this path of new and greater freedom?  Are we at a place where we need to consider applying new parameters around our greater freedom?  The answers remain ours as with our freedom are its abundant nature and essence we will elaborate upon.  Thus, with our freedom comes our ability for response-ability, in making our best choices and decisions.  It truly is our individual choice what we may or may not do with this bountiful opening and gift of our new found freedom.  To simply allow our new freedom to be present in our forward steps, then begin to design our life in the manner most appropriate for us, our well-being and those we love, all on this new path we are now aligned with.

Desire is a Shared Experience

Relax and realize the “whole” of each step, each thought, each choice and decision being made and applied to the creation you sense is forming.  Let yourself settle in here, in this place you now find yourself.  You are right where you need to be.  Time to grow deep roots one-by-one, as your strength will begin to increase and the new form of your being takes a new shape, supporting the deep growth you have recently encountered.  Progress may come quickly now in greater awareness and levels of trust, in all that your senses bring you for your interpretation process.  Seek only simplicity here, what is taking shape will need freedom and time to come into its fullness.

There are many possibilities and potentials actively available.  You will sense those that are important to your progress through awakened desires now in your full conscious awareness.  One-by-one each desire holds a unique piece to the creation forming.  You begin to realize many reasons you sense the newly awakened desires, as you now notice other new pieces that have naturally connected to the “whole” being created.  You see new faces of those you have begun to share your life with.  You realize new ways you’ve changed how you envision and live your life.  You notice a new look to how you dress, your physicality, or to where you live/work.  Yes, with awakened new awareness you start accepting the many great changes you’ve experienced over the past months.  “Why have I not noticed these before?” you may ask yourself.

There is a Divine Time for everything, including your awakened awareness.  Desire is a shared experience; it is how you got to be right where you are.  Even if you may have felt alone at times, you realize you were never alone and there was always a connecting piece to your way forward.  Whether it was a family member, a new friendship or a stranger on the street, each individual played a role in making their connection through their desire of some nature.  The vast outcomes of your inspired steps forward became variations of your desires, as once desire was awakened you were inspired to step forward in seeking its connecting elements.

Everything makes sense at the time clarity is allowed to “kick-in”.  Once you remove resistance to what you realize is a desire you begin to naturally sense your next steps through your Core-Compass, leading you in the right direction and engaging those newly needed connections for the creation forming.  Simply move along here in your wisdom of realized potential.  In your creative power and process allow your newly created form to shine in its unfolding fulfillment!

No Two Steps Alike, None Replay The Same

No two steps are the same, each step bears its own unique reality and truth in the “now” moment it was taken.  No need to fear exact “repeats” of any kind, as it is impossible to have an event or situation exactly repeat itself.  Once experienced, the event or situation remains its own unique segment of time.  How do we keep ourselves from fearing events that hold similar qualities or elements of past events we would not want to re-experience in any way, because of the pain or suffering they engaged?

What happens when there comes a time where we are faced with such an event, that we sense possibly holds familiar pain or suffering?  Do we run as fast as we can in the opposite direction?  Or, have we come together with this new event, in our power, strength and readiness, as an opportunity to redefine what it bears?  From a higher place, where we’ve grown wiser from the last time we experienced the similar situation? Stopped in our steps forward from the alarms going off within us, reminding us of our fear in the “remember when”, we are given a new opportunity to use all of our senses, opened to a new clarity of what is truly going on here and now.

It may seem challenging to let go of detailed instances of what we feel were “negative” events, yet know that even as these “negative” events may replay in our mind, none replay the same.  We come to understand that as we acknowledge the similarities in any two events we are empowering those similarities with meaning and purpose, for us to carry forward in our next steps.  Thus, even in our own mind we are given the opportunity to redefine the way we are replaying the experience evolving.  We can now allow our evolved hindsight and wisdom to bear a new reflection on what has transpired and a new way to interpret what confronts us now.

Harness Your Potentials With A Grateful Heart

You are ready now to see the light of loves magic as it touches your heart and core being, undeniably.  You will not fall here as your strength within has manifested into a rock-solid foundation to be built upon.  As you see the light of your way forward you know the truth of your inner thoughts working.  There are no doubts in your way here as you move forward knowing this is the right path and direction for you now.  “Where is this all going?” you wonder and “Why has it all developed this way?”  Ask yourself “From what angle am I viewing my life now?”  Are you seeing what is truth in your now/present and with clear vision, untainted by a past that is behind you?

Can you see your life as a grand picture and experience of unfolding events that you’ve lived and processed?  That you now carry forward the wisdom of all that you’ve experienced, creating your readiness for what’s before you that can be lived and breathed in your wholeness?  Yes, there is a present, a “right now” that can be embraced, an all-inclusive version of your life that bares your individual “mark” of truth and gifts to be shared.  Now you can see it all as the beautiful gift of your life, your individual road that you’ve chosen to walk, share and learn to love.  You know all its intricacies, twists and turns, and only you can interpret the true meaning of each piece of wisdom gathered and gained along the way, with each uniquely shared experience.

Let go here of it all and see your radiant self stand in whole confidence that you are everything you need to be, right here, right now.  And, that the rest of what is coming to be lived and breathed by you now shall flow easily and effortlessly as you make your way forward with each step, loving all that you are with an open heart and a free-spirit.  Your life truly does matter as you now realize your own love-of-self, the magnificence of your spirit, and the true joy of knowing the importance of all that you bear.