Harness Your Potentials With A Grateful Heart

You are ready now to see the light of loves magic as it touches your heart and core being, undeniably.  You will not fall here as your strength within has manifested into a rock-solid foundation to be built upon.  As you see the light of your way forward you know the truth of your inner thoughts working.  There are no doubts in your way here as you move forward knowing this is the right path and direction for you now.  “Where is this all going?” you wonder and “Why has it all developed this way?”  Ask yourself “From what angle am I viewing my life now?”  Are you seeing what is truth in your now/present and with clear vision, untainted by a past that is behind you?

Can you see your life as a grand picture and experience of unfolding events that you’ve lived and processed?  That you now carry forward the wisdom of all that you’ve experienced, creating your readiness for what’s before you that can be lived and breathed in your wholeness?  Yes, there is a present, a “right now” that can be embraced, an all-inclusive version of your life that bares your individual “mark” of truth and gifts to be shared.  Now you can see it all as the beautiful gift of your life, your individual road that you’ve chosen to walk, share and learn to love.  You know all its intricacies, twists and turns, and only you can interpret the true meaning of each piece of wisdom gathered and gained along the way, with each uniquely shared experience.

Let go here of it all and see your radiant self stand in whole confidence that you are everything you need to be, right here, right now.  And, that the rest of what is coming to be lived and breathed by you now shall flow easily and effortlessly as you make your way forward with each step, loving all that you are with an open heart and a free-spirit.  Your life truly does matter as you now realize your own love-of-self, the magnificence of your spirit, and the true joy of knowing the importance of all that you bear.

2 thoughts on “Harness Your Potentials With A Grateful Heart

  1. Karen

    Love is all that matters. It is the essence of who we are. When we embrace this truth, with the wisdom of our life experiences it opens all the channels for life to unfold anew. God’s blessings & grace show us the way.


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