Desire is a Shared Experience

Relax and realize the “whole” of each step, each thought, each choice and decision being made and applied to the creation you sense is forming.  Let yourself settle in here, in this place you now find yourself.  You are right where you need to be.  Time to grow deep roots one-by-one, as your strength will begin to increase and the new form of your being takes a new shape, supporting the deep growth you have recently encountered.  Progress may come quickly now in greater awareness and levels of trust, in all that your senses bring you for your interpretation process.  Seek only simplicity here, what is taking shape will need freedom and time to come into its fullness.

There are many possibilities and potentials actively available.  You will sense those that are important to your progress through awakened desires now in your full conscious awareness.  One-by-one each desire holds a unique piece to the creation forming.  You begin to realize many reasons you sense the newly awakened desires, as you now notice other new pieces that have naturally connected to the “whole” being created.  You see new faces of those you have begun to share your life with.  You realize new ways you’ve changed how you envision and live your life.  You notice a new look to how you dress, your physicality, or to where you live/work.  Yes, with awakened new awareness you start accepting the many great changes you’ve experienced over the past months.  “Why have I not noticed these before?” you may ask yourself.

There is a Divine Time for everything, including your awakened awareness.  Desire is a shared experience; it is how you got to be right where you are.  Even if you may have felt alone at times, you realize you were never alone and there was always a connecting piece to your way forward.  Whether it was a family member, a new friendship or a stranger on the street, each individual played a role in making their connection through their desire of some nature.  The vast outcomes of your inspired steps forward became variations of your desires, as once desire was awakened you were inspired to step forward in seeking its connecting elements.

Everything makes sense at the time clarity is allowed to “kick-in”.  Once you remove resistance to what you realize is a desire you begin to naturally sense your next steps through your Core-Compass, leading you in the right direction and engaging those newly needed connections for the creation forming.  Simply move along here in your wisdom of realized potential.  In your creative power and process allow your newly created form to shine in its unfolding fulfillment!

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