With Freedom Comes Great Abundance

What are we hanging onto when it comes to allowing our self the ability to let go and experience pure freedom?  Is there truly such an experience?  What happens when we are given greater freedom or achieve it in a greater capacity?  Is it possible to be free in all that we do, think, say, or feel?  Of course, we can and we do with each step, as we realize the potential at that time for greater freedom in being all that we are and desire to become.  We immediately sense the abundant nature and essence of our freedom and allow it to fully flow in all aspects of our lives.  Yet often times there can seem to be something limiting or restricting us in some way.  Does that mean we are not truly free?  How do we normally receive and respond to greater freedom in our day-to-day living and decision making?

Do we fear our freedom and wonder what next thing will come along to take that freedom away from us?  Do we feel guilty because we find our self set apart in our freedom, from others who continue to choose the opposite?  In our greater awareness what can come with this abundant nature of our freedom are uncertainty, insecurity, and vulnerability.  Here we stand, feeling our very best in our alignment with the best of our experience, when fear of unknowns comes to challenge us in how we remain or thrive in our new found freedom.  We ask our self “How can this fear be present when where we stand is right where we wanted to be for so long?”  “Can we let go in a greater way in order to know what greater freedom might be for us and then be willing to step into it, knowing that once we do there will be no turning back?”

It’s close to impossible to know what our new and greater freedom may mean for us and all those we are connected to.  Is it safe to assume that it is healthy and in our integrity to continue on this path of new and greater freedom?  Are we at a place where we need to consider applying new parameters around our greater freedom?  The answers remain ours as with our freedom are its abundant nature and essence we will elaborate upon.  Thus, with our freedom comes our ability for response-ability, in making our best choices and decisions.  It truly is our individual choice what we may or may not do with this bountiful opening and gift of our new found freedom.  To simply allow our new freedom to be present in our forward steps, then begin to design our life in the manner most appropriate for us, our well-being and those we love, all on this new path we are now aligned with.

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