Our Expectancy In “Forever”

Moments are fleeting, one-by-one we count and recognize each passing moment in “time” as having some importance or significance. What are we doing in this way of measuring and defining something as “time”, concrete yet intricate and infinite in what each fluid moment holds?  What happens when we say, intend, or attempt to plan “forever”? Are we not seeking to define our expectancy of “forever” from our present moment in “time”?  Can “forever” in our intentions ever be taken in any light of truth? How do we realistically grasp a concept that holds great intricacy in its infinite evolving nature?

As we seek to understand our expectancy in “forever” we come to know that most often we connect “forever” to one of our many commitments we have made along our life’s’ path. We use “forever” as a way of holding a high regard or high value for someone or something that we’ve chosen to know in this exceptional way. Most of us do not use “forever” in our “everyday” communications. We easily perceive how we “save” the usage of “forever” for only unique and special circumstances, occasions and persons-of-interest. Even as we’ve used “forever” in our own mind’s logic or self-judgment, negative or positive, we can understand how “forever” has impacted our personal growth and freedom. We can observe how “forever” may have supported or restricted many of our decisions or needed changes throughout our lifetime thus far, possibly holding our selves hostage within moments of “time” as we waited for “forever” to meet up with us in some balanced and realistic way.

As we move forward everything shifts, changes, and evolves, would not our expectancy of “forever” also shift, change, and evolve? Can we find the unconditional nature of our life’s path to also include “forever”? To understand that in the moment we expressed or intended “forever”, the essence of that expression or intention became the truth in the meaning and expectancy of “forever”? That every moment from then and forward will now flow that essence and include “forever” in its evolving infinite nature, with the highest regard and value of this “forever” commitment? Here we can begin to understand the true meaning of “forever” as the eternal effects initiated at the initial introduction and union with “forever”; knowing that what will evolve from that present moment and forward is most valuable and significant indeed…now and forever!

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