Monthly Archives: May 2013

“And” becomes a choice

Reap what you sow, it’s harvest time. Would you let your full grown fields of bountiful harvest sit idle until they withered and died? Or, would you do what’s necessary, to gather up all that could be harvested and utilized in its greatest potentials and capacities? One may not know what they may need or how to gather their harvest, yet could they not seek help or assistance in finding the means to do so? What of the one who knows it is time to gather their harvest, yet still remains complacent or too afraid to do what must be done? Could they not also seek help in their search for a means to gather their harvest?

Do these scenarios present an “either-or” decision? From one perspective they may, either harvest the bounty or one will not reap the abundance that is theirs. What is it about allowing what’s now ready and available to be a part of our life that we hesitate and resist it? How often do we allow our devoted efforts and hard work toward what we’ve decided to create, to simply go to waste, to simply die out and wither away because we have not took the necessary steps to harvest our bountiful resources, skills, talents, or wisdom? In what ways can we make changes that would help or assist us in the follow through and fulfillment of our great and bountiful harvest, ready to be delivered onto us and our life?

As we include this new bounty can we use the word “and”, as opposed to “or”? Can we have what it is we have now and more? Can we simply remind our self that the “more” and “and” being presented here is our abundance now ready to be included in our life? If we allow “this” and “that” wouldn’t we now have many more new possibilities for the satisfaction of daily and future needs and desires, for us and those we are presently connected to in our family and friend relationships? Here, can we simply ask our self with each new step “And, am I allowing myself to openly receive the abundance that is coming to me now?”

Friendship…A Unique Blend of Shared Experience

So very happy to know you my friend, so very happy to get to know you better and better with each passing moment of our time together. You are a gift, to me and my life. My life has grown and evolved in so many extraordinary and beautiful ways because of you in it. It is my greatest desire to do the same for you, to offer all of who I am freely and openly to you, in any way or regard that I can. I love you my friend.

I cherish the joy and the laughter we share. I look forward to the next bright idea you deliver in your unique way of expressing who you are. There is so much more about you that I look forward to experiencing. It’s easy to be with you, there’s something about the trust and respect we inherently share that makes this so. What’s capture me most is how you look at me, how you can see into the deepest parts of me, and how life seems to be that much fuller because of your presence.

It’s not that I have to physically spend every second with you, awake or asleep; I simply feel you in my heart as you are free to come and go, in and out of my thoughts and dreams on a regular basis. “The pleasures all mine”, I would like to say, yet I know it is generously shared between us. Being with you and having you in my life I have come to know greater gratitude for all of life. You teach me the greater significance of being myself as you continue to live being you, yourself, and all that you are.

Friends forever?? I know so, as you are already a deeper part of me, heart and Soul, and everything in between. No ultimatums or one-sided agendas, just a simple and free-flowing sharing of giving and receiving the beauty within each other. I am eternally grateful for you, my friend.

What Happens When We Become Intolerant?

Relax and let resentments vanish, vanish into nothingness, no need or purpose for this waste of thought energy. Nonsense, as in resentments make no sense, in fact resentments will block your common sense, quickly taking your thoughts and emotions to intolerance. What happens when you first reach this point, maybe insecurity, reckless behavior, high stress from anger, or more resentment and regrets? How does that work for you when the obstacles of any good feelings will quickly come forward onto your path, first slowing you down then eventually blocking all positive progress? What’s the point here?

Take the cue, that deep intense signal that comes forward like a sharp pain in your solar plexus area, and allow yourself to regain your awareness to what’s allowed to be present, as well as asking yourself “What is it that I am attempting to preserve? You begin to realize that you are in the midst of “battle”, a battle with the ego perhaps, yours or another’s? Or, is it a battle of judgment asking you “How do I battle the cause that is affecting me this harsh or intolerant way?” It may seem as if you are on the line of defense attempting to protect yourself from being bullied, or in a greater way from a losing battle over cause and effect, right and wrong; one you never wanted to be a part of in the first place.

“Where’s the bottom line?” you might say. Yet, could this place be the point of reconciliation? Can there be a gift or blessing, even a miracle that could come at this point before the final curtain is closed because of intolerance? Can you find that point of Light and pivot on that? Yes, it is always a choice, your choice in how you will respond. Can you change your focus then proceed forward in a new direction, knowing that no matter what happens now there has been wisdom gained through the harsh experience you’ve just bared? What have you been giving permission to contribute to you overall experience?

Clearly you will begin to ask new questions with the new direction you are now traveling, doing your best to not look back or allow your new focus to be distracted by the discomfort of unknowns you may feel here. You realize that you are able to move on, clearly choosing an authentic path forward for you, engaged in love, joy and peace. Light on your feet once again you begin to feel your strength renew as your internal power motivates your purpose for being. Your awareness has shifted once again to understanding that freedom is being in the here and now.