Friendship…A Unique Blend of Shared Experience

So very happy to know you my friend, so very happy to get to know you better and better with each passing moment of our time together. You are a gift, to me and my life. My life has grown and evolved in so many extraordinary and beautiful ways because of you in it. It is my greatest desire to do the same for you, to offer all of who I am freely and openly to you, in any way or regard that I can. I love you my friend.

I cherish the joy and the laughter we share. I look forward to the next bright idea you deliver in your unique way of expressing who you are. There is so much more about you that I look forward to experiencing. It’s easy to be with you, there’s something about the trust and respect we inherently share that makes this so. What’s capture me most is how you look at me, how you can see into the deepest parts of me, and how life seems to be that much fuller because of your presence.

It’s not that I have to physically spend every second with you, awake or asleep; I simply feel you in my heart as you are free to come and go, in and out of my thoughts and dreams on a regular basis. “The pleasures all mine”, I would like to say, yet I know it is generously shared between us. Being with you and having you in my life I have come to know greater gratitude for all of life. You teach me the greater significance of being myself as you continue to live being you, yourself, and all that you are.

Friends forever?? I know so, as you are already a deeper part of me, heart and Soul, and everything in between. No ultimatums or one-sided agendas, just a simple and free-flowing sharing of giving and receiving the beauty within each other. I am eternally grateful for you, my friend.

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