“And” becomes a choice

Reap what you sow, it’s harvest time. Would you let your full grown fields of bountiful harvest sit idle until they withered and died? Or, would you do what’s necessary, to gather up all that could be harvested and utilized in its greatest potentials and capacities? One may not know what they may need or how to gather their harvest, yet could they not seek help or assistance in finding the means to do so? What of the one who knows it is time to gather their harvest, yet still remains complacent or too afraid to do what must be done? Could they not also seek help in their search for a means to gather their harvest?

Do these scenarios present an “either-or” decision? From one perspective they may, either harvest the bounty or one will not reap the abundance that is theirs. What is it about allowing what’s now ready and available to be a part of our life that we hesitate and resist it? How often do we allow our devoted efforts and hard work toward what we’ve decided to create, to simply go to waste, to simply die out and wither away because we have not took the necessary steps to harvest our bountiful resources, skills, talents, or wisdom? In what ways can we make changes that would help or assist us in the follow through and fulfillment of our great and bountiful harvest, ready to be delivered onto us and our life?

As we include this new bounty can we use the word “and”, as opposed to “or”? Can we have what it is we have now and more? Can we simply remind our self that the “more” and “and” being presented here is our abundance now ready to be included in our life? If we allow “this” and “that” wouldn’t we now have many more new possibilities for the satisfaction of daily and future needs and desires, for us and those we are presently connected to in our family and friend relationships? Here, can we simply ask our self with each new step “And, am I allowing myself to openly receive the abundance that is coming to me now?”

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