Monthly Archives: September 2013

Fated Connections

The birth of a new “baby”, such a miracle of life, creation, and how it all comes to be in your now moment.  Starting from the moment of conception everything is present and aligned as a union of yin and yang, at a moment in time, the right time, place and conditions.   Here, in perfect harmony, the joining together creates “the one”, “oneness”, in its own unique individual way of being.

 In this union and “oneness” everything needed and necessary for the journey forward becomes present.  Every tool, every system, every part of the plan that allows this new union of energy to move forward, evolve, and grow in infinite ways of making new connections and sharing of wisdom, becomes connected in some way, not one piece is separate.  This is the miracle of life; this is the concept of “oneness”, which in its most simple form, is a beautiful interconnectedness originated from Source, infinite in its nature.  The human mind may not be able to fathom such magnitude or capacity of strength and power, yet does not need to, as there is a natural flow to everything that is working together in this “oneness”.

This is perfection, as any union is made up of its Source.   Any creation of form is a conception and union of Source energy, coming from the original Source, a human baby from its parents, a relationship/partnership from its persons willing to mutually converge, an invention from its inspired individuals putting thoughts into action, even a human body regenerating its cells.  Everything works in harmony, flow and balance when creation is occurring; we cannot rush birth.  And, as you contemplate this phenomenon you will begin to realize the workings of creation as always present and available in your life.