What Are We Expecting From Our Mind’s Dilemmas?

Remove the brain clutter and realize simplicity.  How often do we say this to our self?  What seems to consistently come up for us that wages challenges and competitive wars in our thoughts process?  What is the Truth in our battles of the mind, or is the concept of “Truth” our greatest adversary?  Being present in our now moment holds the key here.  What are we expecting from our self as we stand in the middle of our minds dilemmas?  What are we attempting to convince our self in order to feel worthy to move forward in our next needed steps or actions?  What has us held hostage in this place of needed fulfillment of desire and expectancy?

Most often we will find our usual ways to dance around the “should’s” of our stale reality, thinking if we process our thoughts with minor twists and turns we are then still remaining in our progress forward without too many waves of controversy.  We tend to think the less controversy the better the way to what we are seeking to accomplish.  Is this our Inner Truth?  Are the dilemmas that appear in the mind the enemy or the hero?  Once we reach the point of controversy and competition in our mind, could this be the point of our greatest changes?

Once realized we are now able to remove the perspective of dilemma and see the opposition as our need to flow the Truth from our inner Core-Self.  To allow the Inner Truth to be freely spoken to us in that now and present moment, as what has come forward out of this triggered competitive mind war is the opening for the flow of all that we are now needing and desiring.  It’s not the “should’s”, it’s not the “we better or else”, and it’s not the stale version of any way we’ve been processing or accepting.  Our expectancy has dissipated here and we realize we have completely opened the way for what is the greatest Truth to be told, for us to make our next new steps of needed action.  We are free once again.


Activating Our Essence

Remember; yes remember why you are here.  No sticky notes necessary, it is already inside of you.  Stop, relax, and then listen.  There’s a new rhythm and pace to the life that is rolling out now, beyond the red carpet, beyond the doorways and hallways.  You are already here in the space where you need to be, as what is to be activated has come to the forefront of your priorities through your present actions.  Set down your agendas and expectations, one must be completely open and free to fully accept the unexpected.  One must remove any and all resistance to the source/essence they are beginning to sense as unusual or unexplainable.

There’s a feeling you may not quite be able to describe, yet you know it exists within you.  Yes, this is the new energy now flowing through you and of a new vibration and rhythm you have not quite known before. With the essence of this new energy you awaken the power within you to recognize new understanding, unavailable before this time.  As you begin to sense all that is newly activated by this new energy you will also come to know what to do with it, utilizing its potent power and force.  You’re unique and masterfully crafted ways of channeling this powerful force will become the center of your awakening, while your ability to follow through, utilizing your unique vessel, will result in the full acceptance of your responsibility at this great and demanding time.

Love will keep you in full balance. Here, once again you are reminded to outweigh any resistance, doubts, or fears, by simply choosing love in all that you perceive,  while using your natural ability to flow freely and uninhibited in any way.  Open up to the call of the experience you will sense as good and joyous, even as what is taking place is moving you in a new direction at top speeds in flow and thrust.  Never mind the minds need to assess and judge.  You have come to this moment fully prepared for the unique opportunity that it brings directly to you, for you, dimensionally and for all concerned.  Your undying trust will see to it that you are able to move forward fearlessly in your every needed and necessary action for activating all that has come to Light.

You are honored and blessed by your full participation for fulfillment of the grandest version and greatest possibilities, all being released into the universal thought-pool.  A magnificent time to engage as you find your way to the full awakening  in the complete essence of all that you are and evolving to be.

Never Say Never

Pass the torch after you ignite your own.  What happens once we have more light in and around us?  Do we not see more clearly what is present?  We will see with our physical eyes and use our vision to interpret what we are seeing.  Beyond that we will also interpret what is not seen, what is felt and sensed as part of what we are experiencing.  Here we may come to find that we have placed numerous limits around our selves, limits that may not have become notable until now.  “Why are they here?” we may ask, as we stop to take a moment to find out.

As we begin to realize the intricacy of each limit we will also begin to feel the discomfort of what they once stood for.  Here we may immediately find a connection to old feelings or experiences we have had in the past where we would say “Never again will I go beyond this limit”. We question, “Should I allow myself the room to make a new observation or to come to a new understanding, before I simply disregard moving closer to this limit I know and sense?  Who I am today has made me wiser and stronger, will this not heighten my ability to step a little closer in order to receive a greater picture and understanding of what’s about to be revealed beyond this limit?”

Each limit has many layers and connections to it.  Much goes into the limits we form along the way as they provide us a safe way through our feelings of fear of the unknown.  We immediately work toward setting boundaries when we feel displaced or when our world around us seems in chaos.  We feel we need to set limits in order to keep order and to feel a “new normal” once again.  We become relieved when we have finally made our next steps of transition into the place we feel is that “safe-zone” we will only consider at this time.

Then where does this leave us?  What is one to do with their growth and development sensed with the openness now felt as needed in order to move out of the safe-zone?  Here we realize we are able to become more secure and confident with our abilities to bring more light into our experience and to embrace the abundance now present, denying hasty action to limit it in any way. You now realize that you become the decision maker of your own limitations simply by asking “Why this limit is here and is it time to move beyond it?”

Stay Curious…Bridge The Repetitions of Your Life Melody

What is your true story and where would it begin?  What started “you” as you know and see yourself today?  Could it be told verbatim?  How would your version of your true story compare to another’s version of your true story?  Is it at all possible for them to see the unfolding events the same way?  Probably unlikely, since we all have a unique perspective of our life that comes from our own interpretation of the experiences we’ve engaged in.  So then, how does one begin to know their true story?

If we are the interpreter of our own lives then our perspective would be the truth of the true story being revealed; this would be our perspective at the time we are revealing the story.  As we begin to look at what might be in this true story, we might find and uncover many new truths we had not realized before this time of reflection.  Here is where we begin to realize and understand the importance of being curious.  That in taking the risk to be curious, we open the way for our greatest opportunity to uncover and reveal the greater deeper truths of our true story. 

Here we may find the roots to what has had us facing uncertainties and fears for as long as we can remember.  Here we could say “It’s in my past, thus the revelation that appears can easily be confronted.  Here in this place I am right now I have evolved and am wiser, thus any fears must have changed and evolved too.”  There are new elements in our life, thus through our curiosity we are able to bridge the old/past experience with our new/today’s version, by today’s standards of who we are and how we see our self.

In our inspired enthusiasm we can now bridge many life experiences together while coming to find there’s a same truth, or common thread, linking them all together.  We will begin to see new patterns developing and, as we see these newly linked patterns, we offer our self the opportunity to see our true story a whole new way; from a new perspective and one of a higher regard if we so choose.  We realize we no longer have to run from our fears and uncertainties and instead can embrace them in all versions of our true story consistently unfolding.

Bare All That You Bear

Strip down, peel off all of the layers and bare the core of what’s real and lasting… all that you bear.  How can one word have such different meanings?  If what we are bearing is what we are carrying or hanging on to, then how does that have any real or lasting value?  Are we not better to let go or release what we bear?  Yet, what if what we bear means our gifts, our talents and skills, our wisdom and our channel for the pure love that we flow through us?  Is this the “bear” we are fond of?  And to bare our gifts and talents, would that not be a great gift to our world, to expose and reveal all that we are and have to share with the world? If it is good to bare all that we bear would we then somehow be lightening our load?

In baring our gifts and talents we allow them to be utilized and shared.  Here we invigorate our power through sharing our bared giftedness, thus rejuvenating and revitalizing all of our being.  In the baring we allow the Light to shine upon all that we are and have to offer, thus others are inspired to bare and share their giftedness too.  Here we become the inspiration, as what we bear and have to offer is now utilized in its own very unique way, by our self and those who share in our whole-hearted giving of all that we bear/bare.  A unique connection can be made here between what is bared and what we bear.  It’s as if we control what the meaning of “bare” or “bear” will be, as it is based upon our own perspective of how we define it.

We can take this one step further and begin to see how important and magnificent all that we individually bare would be for us, dimensionally and for all concerned.  It’s as if our individual and unique vessel is the only one to bear/bare the unique contents of what’s being bared.  That this in itself is of lasting value, since as we share the unique contents of what we bear we are making unique connections in unique ways.  This is the magnificence.  Here’s where the baring of Truth acts as a one-of-a-kind key to unlock more Truth, which only this unique baring can.

A bear will hibernate in order to regroup and rejuvenate its energy.  And, just as the bear will sleep so too does what we bear, until the Divine Time to awaken or bare the necessary elements of what we bear.  And, as we bare what we bear we are then given the opportunity to release more of what we know no longer serves us, as our new found strength awakened through our baring now carries us forward, into our greater power in activating all that is now ready to be accepted and utilized.  To bare more of whom we are and are ready to now share.

Don’t Let Freedom Scare You

Heads up, surfs up, ride the waves, and work with the forces and movement of the elements in play.  Any resistance will slow you down.  Do you trust your own ways of knowing what to do, where to go, who to connect with, or how you will follow through with your actions?  If you’ve come thus far have you not used your own tools to discern these types of questions as you move along?

What is it about freedom that we do not trust?  Most of us long to have freedom in most everything we do, yet what happens once we have it?  Do we immediately run rampant and lose all control or do we make a mad attempt to set up new strict guidelines in order to keep firm control?  Where’s the middle of the best scenario when it comes to allowing and maintaining our freedom?  Do we need new defined limits in order to avoid falling into any extremes?  And, if we do need new limits, how will we know what our best limits would be when we have not yet understood what it means to be free in our new found freedom?

Relax and breathe, you are still riding the wave.  Ride it out and go the distance with this new found freedom.  Trust that you will know when the wave has reached the shore.  Until then, observe what is all around you as the wave will continue to move you forward at its own speed, pace, and momentum.  Yes, you can trust the forces you are now flowing in.  You are already in them, now go all the way here.  Risk the full exposure of the grandest version; you are only getting glimpses as you ride the wave.

The shore will bring a whole new perspective, one that is up close and personal.  Yes, this is where the many elements in play, great and small, will be in their transformed version of truth ready to be exposed by you.  You must not ever let freedom scare you.  Some boundaries are meant to be crossed yet you will do so with integrity of heart, mind and action.  This can be the only way to know the grander version of truth.  Without fear you will be able to move freely through the things that could have severely limited outplay of a grander version or have created stagnation in the fulfillment of what this freedom was meant to create along the way.

Many doors and their options now open and become available with your freedom, as freedom will bring a new awareness unlike any you have known before.  Relinquish your thoughts about being ill-equipped to handle your freedom.  You are here now and ready to know the power and strength of your own abilities as you continue to leave fear out, ride the wave in, and risk the exposure of all that is now ready for full view and full force before you.  See yourself through to the grandest version of life for you and all around you.

Don’t Fix Your Emotions Feel Them and Simply Turn The Page

Cut right into the most tender and juicy parts of your life and allow yourself the goodness and deliciousness of the fruits of your labors, physical and spiritual.  Why do we forget to taste the goodness and to feel the joy and delight of our day’s moments that we experience along the way?  What has us held back from turning the pages in the stories of our lives?  For some we may want to savor the moments and remain attached to their greatest memories.  For others we may be too afraid to turn the pages in fear of what our future holds.  Yet life is in motion, this we know.  Can we actually use the word “simply” to describe the action of turning the pages of our life?

During our learning and growth experiences we come to know our emotions a little bit better, as in how we feel.  As we come to know our emotions most of us will find a way to label or define how we feel, carefully choosing our words for our self or those we are addressing at the time.  What happens if we feel that our expressed feelings were misunderstood or had created discomfort in our self or another? Should we immediately attempt to “fix” the words we used in describing our feelings in order to please whomever we felt needed clarification?  Would the “fixed” version still hold the integrity of our original words and what we were intending to express?

Can we see that as we dwell on any event or scenario in our life with an attempt to “fix” our feelings, we will keep our self stuck in that event or scenario?  Where would the new answer be then?  What if we simply turn the pages of our life while we feel all of our feelings in their unique variations and combinations?  Can we see how we may now experience something new?  That as we move forward by turning the pages of our life’s moments, in time we will gain a new understanding of what’s now available for us to feel, know, and experience?

We truly are never fixing anything, there’s nothing to fix. If we are experiencing and expressing, we are feeling over and over again all that has come forward for us dimensionally to now engage in.  We clearly open a new door with every page we turn.  We give our self the opportunity to explore new realms and dimensional aspects of our feelings, while fully embracing their effectiveness.  Thus, as you will allow this to be “simple” so it shall “simply” be.