Acceptance is a simple claim to the truth at hand.  A hand-off, of sorts, delivered and shared from one person to the next, where one feels their freedom from deep within to simply be right where they are without questions, doubts, or worries of judgment.  A complete letting go on all levels, and a full opening up to what is now new and deliverable from this point of acceptance.  There can be no other way to achieve goals or realize wisdom without first finding acceptance in what one is experiencing in their here-and-now state of being and reality.  How does this relate to one’s connections, relationships and partnerships with others?

 In order for a full and complete connection with another to take place, acceptance must be placed out in the open to participants partaking in the connection.  Once acceptance is the driving potential in what will transpire and be experienced between participants, there will be an infinite amount of space made available for the evolving connection being shared.  Here all participants may openly and freely interact, mutually sharing, giving and receiving, their unique contributions without fears or reservations.  A strong synergy forms between all participants and from there the strength of those bonds forming becomes greater in their power to make new exchanges, even those that will branch out beyond the original participants.  Here acceptance grows in strength, as does the mutual trust and what is being uniquely conveyed through each sharing participant.

 Acceptance allows the delivery of all that has come forth at that time and place.  In that moment and beyond, there can be great joy felt and experienced with any participant’s personal experience during their connection and interaction.  There are many dimensions to acceptance as all energetic bonds are dimensionally initiated, first by the mutual attraction of what is ready to be connected then by the exchange of energy through emotions, feelings and sensing coming forward.  This dimensional and mutual exchange of acceptance becomes what one gives their attention to, being what they have found acceptance in.  Finding acceptance here means removing all expectations of any kind.  Once again there’s a full and complete allowing of fulfillment of what is attempting to come forward and together at that time.

 Once acceptance is understood, the practice of allowing dimensional acceptance will directly continue to grow in strength and accessibility, allowing all elements past, present, and future, to be consciously present at any given moment.  One begins to freely, deeply and whole-heartedly find acceptance as they sense the symbiotic energies working together to form their next new now moment.

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