Where is Our Expectancy Taking Us?

News flash…Attention!  An updated report is coming…We interrupt this program to bring you a very special message…

What does it take to get our attention, an “excuse me!” or “hey you!”?  Do you sense any type of bold interruptions during your busy day that may be coming from within you?  Is there an inner voice that may be speaking directly to you, spelling out your name to get your attention in order to fill your recent requests, delivering answers to your questions and prayers?  What will it take to get your attention this way?  Are you willing to participate in your life with a greater awareness to what is now allowing you greater awareness?  “What is that?” you might ask.  “How does one go about building a greater awareness to something they don’t know is even accessible?”

For most fear and doubt become the easy excuse to keep living with the same behaviors or ways of going about their time.  Moment to moment a reality is lived.  Moment to moment you are altered and shifted by that reality.  Just as one is given access to the “refresh” button on their computer you are always given the same option with your life view or perspective, about what you are presently experiencing.  Imagine using a “refresh” button on your day-to-day living, refreshing your thoughts and ideas with what new information or understanding that has come forward, while you input your daily comings and goings.  Imagine you could press this “refresh” button as often as you needed, whenever you felt pain and suffering, fear and doubt, confusion and chaos.  Where you could eliminate worry or fear from your next steps because you were able to update yourself on the version of reality you were presently allowing yourself to participate in.  Would you hesitate to refresh your life this way, to allow yourself to become clearer in understanding all that you were presently experiencing?  Or would you rather keep yourself in the shadows of chaos and fear, only because this was the more normal comfort zone for you?

“Why would we want to refresh our outlook when it might mean changes that we don’t feel we want to face?” you might ask.  On the other side of refresh is…???  Yes, that is usually the case isn’t it?  We know it is a mystery or an unknown and based on our past experience some of those experiences were extremely tough challenges to work through.  Where is our expectancy taking us in these situations?  Are we willing to leave our self behind, to grow stale because we are too afraid to refresh and rejuvenate our situation and our life?  Is this something you feel you are presently experiencing?  Is it time to find your “refresh” button and learn to use this as a powerful tool for renewal in your days ahead?  Practice makes any skill useful and viable.  There’s no telling how much or how far one might go in their new use and practical application of refreshing their life’s day-to-day deliverance of magical and amazing.

2 thoughts on “Where is Our Expectancy Taking Us?

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