Prepare to Take a Stand..Accountability

Every little bit helps, dear ones, never underestimate even what you would call the smallest of gestures.  Step out now of your comfortable ways and step in to find a new perspective, a bigger picture of what takes place around you.  Break free from the “small” and “narrow”, as if your world revolves under a looking glass.  Remove whatever is holding you back from what calls to you now, from reaching out to openly and whole-heartedly touch another.  Be still in your discomfort from doing so and envision the life you would want for all your fellow beings.  Even Mother Nature could use your loving out-reach, to plant a tree or clear toxins from her waters.  Yes, there are many ways to reach out, to show up and take a stand for what is Highest and Best for all.  Nothing is beneath you here; you all are fully capable to find your way in extending your “narrow” living to include being a loving support in some way, shape or form.  Get creative, what you think may go unnoticed would not come to you as an idea for naught.  There is a reason you have been swirling ideas about how to extend your self, there is joy that is always reciprocated in this process, dear ones.  You may never know the full extent of your loving gesture but assuredly, you will find joys somewhere along the way from you’re reaching out.

 Accountability is simply your self-choice about what you may, or may not, be capable of doing at this time.  Measuring is not what is being described here; instead this is referring to your own feelings of self-worth and self-purpose.  How do you feel about who you are and from there allowing that to be lovingly shared with another, and another and another?  Simply a smile can create the glory of being in the right place at the right time, to receive it and give it.  Joy and passion shared can give a boost to another in need of motivation or uplifting.  How will you know if you don’t give your self the opportunity to stretch out, extend out and reach for that opportunity that is coming from another’s need to be acknowledged.

 Believe in your magic within, the deep well of resources given to you to apply your self in taking your stand.  Yes, your stand, you individually, in filling the gap with your gifts and resources, now, today, no need to wait for this or that to happen or not happen.  Just step right in to your power here, to breakthrough the “narrow” barriers and begin to consciously feel and know how you, this “one-you”, can make a difference by taking a stand right where you are, in your own power and with your own resources within; to be accountable for your role, your part within this “whole”, your family, your community, this world.  Have enough faith in your self and your worth to hold yourself accountable to all that calls to you now.  Only you know what that is.  Going “all the way” here may be exactly what we all need or you may just find that it brings a big smile and happy heart to you, allowing you to overflow this all to the masses, step-by-step, with each loving outreaching gesture.

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