Faith Gives You That Chance For Change

Does your life feel like you are in the midst of hurricane dear ones, high winds and stormy seas?  One does not need to have actually experienced a hurricane, or live near an ocean, to know what is being said here.  Do you not feel the strength within when the challenge comes in like a great tsunami?  See this vast disruption as your opportunity to let go of what’s no longer healthy or serving your well-being.  See this greatness of the “winds-of-change” as your gift to cleanse and clear away what’s already been lost long ago.  These are formidable times for you now.  This is where your strength and courage are tested only for you to find that your faith in you, and in all that you are, will most certainly see you through.  Your faith dear ones, is your “white knight in shining armor”, is your oasis, after you have just tread across the long hot desert, without food or water.  To believe is to conceive the thought, the notion of reality, which you are in the right place at just the right time.

Your faith cannot be shaken or broken when you are focused forward, in love with who you are, and knowing your purpose for being.  Escaping the “winds-of-change” is an illusion but your faith in your smooth, easy transition is a Truth that can be brought forth by you.  Faith is your potent power to create that ship that will cross the vast ocean or, to find all that you seek now as it comes forth as clear as the day.  Do find your way here now, to muster whatever it takes to believe in your worth of being you, without any doubt, as your confidence prevails and the knowing within runs deep, from the inside out.

Begin your next steps now in full faith that whether the winds are on high or barely felt, you are the one to come forth now , stepping up and stepping in, to the beauty of all that is new for you.

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