Mirroring “Unconditional”

We are all in need, at one time or another, of an others’ assistance in kindness, generosity, or just open loving gestures like “please” and “thank you”.  We are all capable to be present for each other; anyone’s availability is a choice.  We are all in a place that has others around us, who would not only be willing to show up for us, but would be honored to give us so much more than we are even asking for.  All gestures of open service and extended kindness become our mirror of opportunity.  Once we are given the gift of an others’ kindness’ or generosity we are always left with an impression, or understanding, of how we may mirror that for someone else in need.  Not everyone will ask for assistance or help.  Thus, it is up to us to pay attention to each other, to our possible needs or unsaid desires, and to take the time to discern if there might be something we can do, or would like to share, with this one we sense may need what we may have to give.  Even as we mirror love and kindness, we are giving a gift to any others who are witnessing our extended service of assistance.  What a great gift that just keeps on giving.

As we mirror our Truth to another, know it is here that we will also see our self in “that” mirror, as their mirror reflects back at us all that we truly are.  We will only see the Truth by looking in “that” mirror with our eyes wide open, and while fully accepting all that we see as a reflection of the Truth in that moment of time.  This will also be for those that mirror our thoughts and attitudes.  If we are willing to judge or criticize another, it is our self that we are judging or criticizing first, as those that we view are simply a mirror of Truth, Truth we will only see if we are willing to accept their gift of mirroring back to us what it is we needed to know, or see, in our self.  A mirror is Light therefore, with Light, there cannot be darkness.  Here you can always rest assured that whatever is mirrored back to you can only bring you a gift.  And, with that gift comes more Light in which to see the many treasures always coming forth in the mirror.

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