Change and Path Alignment Are One Action

Every level, every dimension of time and space, holds a new awareness for accessibility.  How is it that we expect to know what we have not yet come to learn or understand?  Why do we become so hard on our self, to expect clarity in every step we are taking?  This is a journey we are on and in this journey there will be many paths we will travel.  Our paths simply are the directions we are traveling or moving, in conjunction with the changes we are presently experiencing.  Conscious or unconscious, our bodies and beings are sensing the many options or choices we may have available.

New interests, new insights, new shifts are constantly and consistently occurring with every decision or choice we make.  Once we can detach from our expected outcomes we will immediately free our self from a limited experience.  As we surrender and release old ways or definitions of the “how’s” or “why’s” of our past, we then fully open our self to all present opportunities and options available, in our now and present experience.  We begin to allow our full experience in our now moments to encompass all dimensions of alignment without prejudice or judgment of what is naturally and organically unfolding.  We begin to “get out of our own way” of resisting or inhibiting the present changes coming forward for our consideration and decisions.

We begin to understand that as we allow change and path alignment to become one action and one focus, we are then allowing everything we are observing, or becoming aware of, to participate in our present experience.  We begin to surrender and release at greater levels.  Where in the past we might have considered some changes as “too much” or “not enough”, we will now see everything, all people, places, and elements, as the perfect design assisting our personal experience of a necessary change and path alignment, along with the effects it will have for all participants and everything we are connected to, on all levels and in all dimensions of time.   Here, our awareness is now given the opportunity to develop on a vast and greater scale, as our new understanding of all that we are experiencing grows in its clarity and purpose in our now present steps of progress.

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