BALANCE…Being alive is enough

Push me, pull me, every direction can be going at once sometimes.  Why drive yourself so hard dear ones?  What is it you find gratifying by doing so much at once?  A soft sway can be just as effective as doing the cha cha.  It is all about your being as you move along your sacred path of life. 

 Fulfillment is wishes granted and dreams that come to life, yet one cannot reach those places when pulled apart and out of their natural balance of being.  You see once out of balance in any way, mind, body or Spirit, that part of you out of balance must find its center of balance first, in order for the flow of Truth to continue on its way. 

 Peace and serenity are always easily accessible and are your beings way to being in a state of free flowing balance.  Yes, just your heart beating at a moderate rate along with your breath input and out put at a steady rate, is the starting point for any centered way of being.  Add in your eating what feels healthy for you and resting when needed, and viola! you have just added to the healthy formula for being in balance.  Know that you know dear ones.  One way or another you will sense what part of you has been taken too far off its track of centeredness.  Once realized it is key to bring alignment immediately to your self and being, allowing excess, too much or too little, can be the poison that invades your peaceful-serene state.

 Feeling high or feeling low, no matter, each is healthy until it becomes an excessive drain on your being.  Once excess is allowed, its force and power can take much of your efforts and energy to bring your being back to balance.  You see, this is when one becomes ill or dis-eased.  Yes, you can always bring the body back to its healthy form, yet any excess will require much more of your focus and attention to do so.  Once excess is reached everything around you becomes out of focus and fragmented.  Each piece must be realigned to a healthy form of peace and serenity by taking action, your action to do so.  Once realigned, health in all ways is achieved and thus one is able to come back to their original journey and life of being alive in living their purpose and dreams.

 Yes dear ones, being alive is enough, there is really no more for you to concern yourself with.  As you flow with being alive you will naturally adapt to what is needed and necessary for you during each and every moment of your living-breathing life, allowing you full balance, which brings you all the happiness and joy any being would ever want in a lifetime.

 So stick to it, simple, easy, no fuss, no resistance, just being alive, just being you, happy and free to just be.  What will that take for you to have that here and now, dear ones??  Just start believing in you, you heart and soul, then let the rest unfold in its Divine perfect way.

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