The Naked Truth

Truth untainted, fact or fiction, fantasy or reality…what does “just being’ mean to you dear ones?  Does being uncloaked, open and vulnerable create fear within?  Are you walking your days fully open-hearted, loving, and alive and freely revealing your authentic way of who you are from the inside out?  What is to hide???

 There is no burden worth carrying around; full exposure in what is your Truth, in your now moments, this is how one can truly set themselves on the path of free-flow.  Propel yourselves forward with your own inner excitement and enthusiasm for living your amazing life.  So much awaits your coming-to-be in that moment in time, to show up in full Truth and a fully exposed expression of your being you.

 One comes to realize all that is to be actualized as you allow your being to experience new paths and new directions.  No need to see what is lacking or judged out of place; instead, fantasy is reality and dreams are what you are manifesting.  No separations exist between Heaven and Earth dear ones.  All becomes one, free, open and clear, full flowing channel of Love and Light, bringing new found joy all the way to your cellular make-up.  Your mind has no power to interfere when your Spirit is strong and leading the way.  It is then you are fully able to express all that you are unrestricted and unedited, just the naked Truth of you, heart and soul.

 There is no time like now to let loose and find your freedom in full revelation and expression of your core being.  Believe you are perfect exactly how you are right here and now, and then extend that Truth of thriving in your nakedness to another. Give that gift to all you meet and greet as the abundance of its flowing nature touches another…then another…then on and on and on…

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