Realizing your Thread of Truth

Who you are is always ever changing and evolving.  Each step you take creates a new potential for becoming a-new, the delicate balance of all that surrounds you with all that you are experiencing becomes your unique life tapestry.  The threads that are sewn into the fabric of your life are always made to last, dear ones.  A thread can make a connection or create a strong-durable hold on your gathered life pieces.  Threads can be of value to your creations, to the strength and balancing of what is being synthesized, or to the fragments that are coming together to create a new whole. The threads of Truth are always what they are.  The colors, the textures, the many styles of stitching all play a part in the weaving process to what is being created at that time. 

 Your Light acts as your thread of Truth; as the Light is opened to shine upon what is needed and necessary for your weaving process, one can realize what is being actualized.   Not only are you given the illumination to what is being created, but you channel the Light of Divine Inspiration.  Now you have Light that is inspiring, Light that is creating and the Light of Truth that weaves it all into form; beautiful manifestation always dear ones.  One can never go wrong or be led astray in their making of their life’s tapestry.  Now, for the final touches of a light heart, a heart that is happy and joyful, a heart that is free to love; this dear one adds all the colorful extras to your beautiful work of creation.  The yellows, oranges, greens and blues all add vibrant threads of Truth to your days and all that you touch along the way becomes connected by your heart filled with joy and loving ways.

 The sun, moon and stars become Mother Natures Light, offering the world her threads of Truth to mix and mingle with your every step, your every wish, your every dream to come true.  Receive her blessings by making your thread connections to her beauty and natural way of being.  See her Light in all that she is, all that she offers without end to her giving nature.  Bless and shower yourselves with her golden Light of Divine remembering, of being a human upon her great lands and vast waters.  Come to know her threads of history that have been woven deep into her Earth body and soul.

 All is connected dear ones; all is one, intricately and divinely woven together by threads of Truth that you are all love…heart and soul!

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