Free Yourself for the Revelation

Put your crown of stars on now dear ones, be in your full power of all that you are and designed to be(come).  Allow your full being to be inspired, receiving the Source-of-All through your open-clear channel within.  Beacons of Light you all are, rays of joy, illuminated by all that is good, as you’re Light within radiates out for the sharing with your world.

 You blink and breathe without a thought to what is taking place.  This is the same for your growth and evolution that takes place on a consistent basis. Even at a high resistance one is still flowing forward into their new; you are always at a delightful place to capture your now moments of wellbeing.  Where is your focus now?  Can you see what is being said here or do you feel all of life to be too complex to focus on its simplicity?  Be kind to yourselves as you are moving along just fine and dandy.  Become more of what it is you want to see, know and experience one step at a time; and know that the motion or movement you sense and feel will motivate you to make the changes you seek to find, have and embrace.  There’s no stopping you now, nothing is ever really in your way.

 If something communicated seems unimportant one will just by-pass it, just ignore the information, which actually flows to you at all times from a Higher Source.  Pay attention, listen now, dear ones, there is always wisdom coming your way.  Whether it makes sense now or later, there is always a reason for its coming forth to you at the time and place it does.  Trust in it all whether it is something you’d just by-pass or whether it is something profound and creating an “aha’ moment in time.  Let the path of communication be open and free for your reception, as you will always come to know its source of being, as the next moment evolves into your next shift of being you.

 Expect the unexpected at all times, leave room for the extraordinary and magical to come to life in your life, to become conscious of all that is readily seeking manifestation at that time of awareness.  What’s the hurry let it all unfold slowly, easily, and freely.  As you build in excitement and passion for its fruition you give heightened creative energies the boost and powers needed to synthesize a new “whole”.  Roll the dice once in a while, take a big leap into a void, or take a chance where you’d never think to allow yourself to go before.  All in day’s life dear ones, there’s room for everything that feels good.

 What’s inside you now that needs to come-to-be revealed outside?  Find that answer and you will only know how much more your life is waiting to offer you right here, right now!

2 thoughts on “Free Yourself for the Revelation

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