The Answer is Always Near!

On bended knee we pray, we plead, we ask for answers, for direction, for guidance to that which perplexes our mind thoughts, our choices or decisions we feel are needed and necessary at that moment in time.  Yet dear ones, do we listen, do we stop the mind chatter and frustration and just open up to the answers coming forth?  Not always an easy task since one can become so engrossed in their plea for help and demands for revelation, to ease their pain and suffering from the present predicament or mind conflict taking place.

 Listen dear ones, stop and listen as the answers can only come from that moment, can only come from deep within your heart-felt Truth and knowing of your Truth, that Truth that is yours to be revealed directly and assuredly to your conscious being.  How can this be the answer or answers I seek, you ask?  How can this be the moment where clarity can come forth when all I am feeling and knowing is pain and/or confusion?  One must stop right where they are and tune in to that perfect part of your Self, that part of you where only love is present and flowing freely; that place deep within that once you’ve stopped to seek it you will only be led directly to that love channel, to then listen for the response to the call of your pleas and desires for the answers.

 Yes listen, then absorb all that you receive, every response is an answer, all applies, even that which you are not likely to enjoy hearing as a response.  All applies dear ones; remember that always, it is the key here to the Divine intervention offering you clarity and Truth to your predicament.  Yes clarity, clarity comes at the moment one opens to listen.  The answer or answers are always readily available, just be available to fully listen without judgment, without response, without holding anything back.  Remember it all applies.

 It all applies dear ones!  You will not question your clarity once you trust it is already present and available, thus one can be certain only joy will come from listening.

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