Face and Experience Your Hearts Desire

Blending, mixing and straining out what’s left over, as one goes through the process of synthesizing all that they have experienced up to now, it is then that clarity can come to the surface consciousness.  Are you ready for this clarity, for the Truth to be revealed in its fullness?  Yes dear ones, of course you are, there is nothing to fear here.  As you open to your Light within you ignite the desire for Truth to be present.  It is in the Truth that you will find your answers.  It is in the Truth that you will begin to see what no longer serves you in your new, “whole” state of being.  It is in the Truth that you can acknowledge what has alluded you, what has not been fully exposed or expressed all along.  Ignite now this desire for Truth, this passion of new found freedom and awareness; to now be able to face your future with both eyes open fully, tuned into what is now present and available to take you there.

 The Truth, exposed and ignited, now expands you for further excavating.  It allows you to dig deeper within your being with a confidence, new found courage and unrestricted strength.  You have now given yourself the gift to unveil more of your Sacred resources, more tools with which to navigate your Sacred journey.  Clear and free, you now are that which you have desired, as you begin to understand that which you desire must be you first, before you can fully experience it.  So as you move through your own process don’t hold back from, or hide from, what becomes exposed and evident as the Truth.  Let it all be there as you then can become one with the “whole”, and re-balance with all that is new for you. 

 And yes dear ones remove or discard any part that does not feel in alignment with what it is you desire.  As you discard or remove what you no longer want to be a part of your “whole”, bless those remains in gratitude of love for the whole process.  It is in the whole process, desires and discards that have brought you to exactly where you are now, no exceptions, no exclusions, it is and was all pertinent to what is now the new synthesized and integrated you.  Be in love with it all, yes, this means with every cell of you and everything ignited by your presence and new found passion of just being you.

4 thoughts on “Face and Experience Your Hearts Desire

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