Say “I Do” to You!

Do you feel like you are walking a tightrope dear ones, or maybe climbing, climbing, climbing an endless ladder to promised success?  Do you sometimes feel like your dreams create more anxiety and strife than the joy and excitement they once had in the beginning?  Does your life feel like you are running, running, running, yet you look around and nothing seems to have changed?  Why do you think this keeps happening?  What is it that you are doing, or not doing, that is creating this overall monotony, day in and day out?  Whose running your life and making your choices and decisions for you, is it you?  Are you consciously committing to this type of lifestyle, where the world is just a big blur without fulfillment of your healthy loving joy?  Are you committing to move forward day to day as if falling into a big black hole yet surviving the fall, only to do it again the next day?  Yes, that was survive vs. thrive.  Does the empty promises and unfulfilled dreams lack Light and joy as you just settle for “less than” and compromise your dreams for the idea that “maybe one day” things will change, “one day” they will get better, “one day I will stop living a life I find completely unsatisfactory, let alone worthwhile, to give my energy to”?

Where is your commitment, your loyalty, your allegiance dear ones?  To what and to whom have you dedicated your time and energy to, knowing that you are the only one who can change what it is you know must be changed, and without another wasted moment of your valuable living breathing time?  Do you know your own worth?  Do you value you and who you are, your place in this vast open infinite world?  Did you ever believe that climbing that ladder would be the most unfulfilled experience you would know and that, with just simply one step, you could change that experience into an amazing new adventure?  Do it now dear ones, take your first step now to knowing what a new direction in your life could mean for you, as in a bright and beautiful now that carries you forward into a bright, beautiful, adventurous future.

Make the commitment to change, change the next step you take, someway, somehow.  Find the loyalty and allegiance to your own joy, your own hearts call to right action for you, dedicated to your joy and Truth of your Divine path and life purpose.  “Life purpose” dear ones, defined as purposeful, fulfilling, joyous flow or love flow, as meaning “all that you are consistently renewing yourself moment to moment”.  Receiving all that your life can bring you moment-to-moment, then giving and sharing your joy of you experiencing that Lighthearted joy, with all those you are blessed to come into contact with.  It is always your choice, your commitment, your focus, your life experience, everything included in this comes together for you, by you.  Thus if one knows there is always choice in any situation you are committing to, then it may as well be the choice made from a commitment to your Highest and greatest Self, to that Light being and free Spirit within you, that only knows the joy of living and experiencing life.  This “one” is one that does not settle for less than anything but their very best they are worthy to receive and give, and this “one” is one who will never compromise their loyalty and allegiance to their own integrity as a Spirited being of love and Truth.  Step off the tight rope, tear down the ladders and take your next step on to the High Open Road of your life dear ones.  Say “I do” to you!

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