Bring It On or Let It Be

Time to cash in on those “frequent flyer miles” you have been saving up.  Are not savings meant to be utilized at some point along the way?  One who’s been given an opportunity to grow and evolve must first step up to the plate of their new plane of action.  Preparation and practice have been a key element during the savings process, whether you’ve been saving your energies for more fruitful activities or you’ve been saving your time to apply to those activities that you’ve felt needed to be addressed now, verses later.  Either way do you see how savings of time or energy have been an illusion all along?  There is no preservation of that which flows freely and abundantly.  All needed or necessary resources are always able to be tapped into; they are always at your disposal.  Remove your distractions from your creative process and open yourself fully to all that is in your True present to be utilized right here and now.

Thus, back to the concept of savings, one always intuitively knows when it is time to save and when it is time to flow your resources.  One’s own discernment and tuning-in abilities will guide them as to what is the appropriate action at that time.  There is always going to be ebb and flow, decrease and increase, yet either way there is a flow involved, whether it is a flow to save and conserve or a flow to share and give out.  The balance that comes from this process of giving and saving now defines your next level, or plane of action.  How far one can go here will only be determined by how far one is willing to put their self forward and into their own flow of movement and progress, where “now” becomes a new focus or plane of action.  In Truth you are always in a natural organic state of ebb and flow yet, once your mind or conscious awareness grabs hold of the steering wheel, it is here that your own old limitations and restrictions can kick in and put a restraint on how far you are able to take yourself on this new plane of action.  By removing all stops you may feel a high risk as stored resources and “savings of one’s self” for just that right time, to do this or that, is now no longer a factor and all that counts is your movement forward in development of your new plane of action.  Scary?…maybe.  Fear driven?…sometimes.  Yet know at this point your only choices become narrowed, as it would involve putting everything you’ve got into the process of creating your new plane of action, or to just sit still on your stored savings of time and energy.

You are able to address this now by approaching your next steps of action with the intention of determination and commitment, to all that you now dream and desire.  Drive yourself to the point of strong forward movement and momentum.  Here there will be no stopping you.  Here you will only add confidence to the mixture of what is being saved and what is being utilized.  Your heart knows what is best for you always.  Now it is time, more than ever, to trust your instincts in order to create this next new level or plane of action, to be in its most grand form possible.  It is all up to you, yet a simple “yes” or “no” could be all it takes, to now experience life in its “ultimate”!  “Bring it on” or “Let it be”…you decide!

2 thoughts on “Bring It On or Let It Be

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