To Be or Not To Be…

Believing in the “extraordinary”?  How can one know what “extraordinary” is if “it” is different than anything they are used to?  How can one say what is true, or not true, if they don’t know what “it” is to begin with?  Why are we so quick to stop the flow of what is coming forth just because we don’t understand what is taking place?

What denotes “believable” for you?  Do you have a set definition or certain rules to follow?  Do you feel better having definitions and/or guidelines set up for what is acceptable, or not acceptable, to believe in?  What are you afraid of here when it comes to acceptance of “extraordinary” or “too good to be true”?  “It” is all in your perception at the time of the occasion or outplay of the situation.  Are you consistent with all situations as to what is acceptable and what is not?  Or, do you bend a little more for some situations than others?  If “it” has to do with emotions, the rules are x-y-z and if “it” has to do with money or material things the rules are a-b-c?

It’s time to stretch and extend on all levels dear ones, to reach out beyond those old “safety zones” and awaken new understanding of what your possibilities and potentials could be in the “believability of extraordinary” department.  Rest assured you will find a whole new set of rules and “norms” that, once you find safety and comfort in a broader definition of acceptability, you will then wonder what kept you away for so long from breaking free into this new ground of knowing and experiencing the “extraordinary”.  Nothing is “too” anything to be believable, as the one defining “believable” makes it so.  You are worth “it” dear ones, to know and experience anything you would call “exceptional” or “extraordinary”.  This level of output can be tapped into just as easily as “normal” or “average” levels.  “It” is all only a matter of your “to be” or “not to be” choice in believing “it” “to be” or “not to be” so.  So, as you know this what do you choose??

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