Unearthing Earth’s Mysteries

Are you a seeker, an explorer, or an adventurer?  Are you willing to go deep into your living experience and seek out the unknowns you have questioned over and over again?  Yes, one must be willing to explore and make the time to pan for the golden nuggets of knowledge and intricate details of that which they seek to know and understand.  In researching past history there are many buried treasures that can be found.  Some seem to be easily visible and one may wonder why someone else has not exposed this rich information sooner.  Yet know, here you are all individual seekers.  The details to be uncovered and revealed will be founded by those that have the desire to find, and expose, their own intricate piece of the mystery or unknown.  You all have a specific awareness to that which you seek; it is why it is you who is seeking it.  Here, as each one embraces their unique role in unearthing the deep mysteries of Earth, whether past, present, or future, it then becomes evidence of the greater picture of understanding coming together at any point in time.

Earth will continue to do her own part of evolving and shifting, as she too is her own unique entity in the grand scheme of all that is coming to be revealed at this time.  With every shift something new begins to come to Light and can now be offered as a new understanding, toward the greater understanding, of the mysteries now ready to be captured and known in their entirety.  One begins to understand their importance and response-ability in this process of revealing what is now new, or potentials that are now available, to be utilized.  Here, Earth, each individual human being, and each member of nature come together on the common ground of the importance of perpetual balance and renewal.  Just how important is your role here in all of this?  Do you take the time to bring this more to your awareness or do you just set aside any thought of this, thinking that someone else can do whatever may seem to be needed or necessary?

We are all a part of this grand unearthing of mysteries, consistently taking place on our beautiful planet Earth.  There is always a choice in your own individual involvement.  Yet, even more important, is the choice of your own individual balance in being, to be more aware of your own peace-of-mind and loving open heart.  To be conscious of how you show up and express yourself in the world everyday is the first step in actively seeking and unearthing Earth’s mysteries.  How that will impact the greater scheme of life will come with your own conscious steps you now choose to make.  An important role indeed!

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