The Truth About Time and Reality

In the presentation of all aspects to what you are now observing, begin to see with the eyes of your dreams and all that you feel is now ready to become real, as a part of your life.  Knock on doors and open those that are unlocked.  Take cues from what seems to be evident and signaling you to come forward for experiencing.  You are the one to see this through.  You are the leader in your own life path unfolding, which is always in motion.  Take the reins of your power and inner driving forces that compel your being in all of its fullness, into the mysteries and unknowns that lay before you.  There is no time but now and what lies ahead will become your now at some point in time.

Time, what is the meaning of this word we call “time”?  A mystery to most as what we take for granted as its definition will continuously keep us questioning its deeper meaning, or Truth in reality.  Reality, here another word that can leave us seeking and searching for more.  Most may be fine with the simple understanding of what “reality” would be for them, yet in truth, most are consistently asking many questions around its True meaning.

“Time” and “reality” work hand-in-hand.  There is a correlation in their meaning, as one actually defines the other.  If one does not understand the meaning of one, they will hardly understand the meaning of the other.  Yet, as one seeks to unveil and reveal the deeper meaning of one, they shall automatically become wiser to the other.

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