Nourishing Self-Talk

I release all my fears…

My life is a mirror of my thoughts…

I am willing to open and receive love…

Everything I am experiencing is in Divine order…


Let these words speak to you, heart and soul.  Open yourself up every day to provide for this type of nourishing self-talk.  It is necessary for you to provide the open channel to receive the love, beauty, and joyful Divine language of Heaven, always available to be tapped into. 

As you reach deeper and extend further out, into your available consciousness, you will also be expanding this Divine language of your soul and heavenly connection to your sacred channel or receptor.  Keep yourself open by removing all obstructions or “clogs” of negativity, immediately, as they will only build in their blockage without you removing what is not Highest and Best for you; you always know what that is.

You can trust your senses to guide you in all ways here, to distinguish and discern what it is you need right now to feel your Highest and Best, while moving forward.  Be your best guide here.  Remain diligent in your practice to nourish your being with only what loves and is True for you.

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