Why Bother Planning?

Why bother planning when plans are always susceptible to change?  What’s the point in having this plan-of-action when the variables can become vast, leaving us feeling without any plan or direction at all?  Discovering our best route or plan-of-action is an on-going process.  This on-going process includes many intricate elements we may not foresee until we are at a certain point in our process.  Once at any point in our process, we are realizing at some level, conscious or unconscious, that there are changes we would like to make.  There are elements we would like to add or subtract from what is presently on-going in the situation, or experience which we are involved in.  Allowing these unforeseen variables to spontaneously be included into our process then allows us to make new choices, choices that will come from that point we are at when our perspective is formed.

Yes, there are many points-of-view.  There are many ways to look at, assess, and consider what it is you feel you need right now.  What is it that you might need right now that will align you to this next new view of your life?  Here, you realize finding alignment in your process is a natural response to the point-of-view, or perspective you are taking.  Finding alignment becomes a noticed process, naturally activated by the whole process of creating what it is you would like to see, have, or experience right now.  Finding alignment is never separated from the whole, grand, or greater picture of the situation forming.  There is no way to stop its unforeseen forces, as it is integral to the whole process.  Thus, whatever it is you are choosing at that time or angle of your perspective, some type or level of alignment will occur in order to activate your natural motivation to move forward.  Your natural process of alignment is always working to comply with your perspective or point-of-view, and will not resist your version of what-is-what.  Complete cooperation is the service of alignment, as it has no judgment of your point-of-view.

Once we can recognize our own response-ability for this on-going loving process within us, we can then begin to realize our own response-ability to our point-of-view, our own perspective, and our own allowing of judgment, criticism, or labeling.  We realize that the more open, honest and liberated we are the easier going and freer we will be, in allowing our plans to change and in accepting the spontaneity of our alignment.  To address our needs on all levels, guiding and directing us exactly to where we need to be.

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