Shift Into a New Gear With Your Creative Pursuits

And the sign says winding road ahead, prepare for undulation.  An exciting adventure calls you forward now.  Do you sense the variety and new direction you are now converging with?  This is a time of passion and adventure, a time to let your creative juices flow as you fuel progress full speed ahead.  Keep a new pace now and develop a new momentum knowing that, as you approach the bends in the road, you will be forewarned through your own internal guidance system.  There is no need to travel at a snail’s pace out of fear or doubt in your ability to know what is needed from you now.  Shifting into low gear may help when you feel uncertainty, yet you would not go very far if you don’t also utilize the other gears.  A windy road has its challenges, yet it also gives you the opportunity to experience many different angles or perspectives as you progress forward.  Each bends or straight-away will bring you the opportunity to make long-term and short-term decisions.

As you are able to see far off into the distance on the straight-away, you are able to capture the many different scenarios of what potentially lies ahead.  This is your time for smooth forward progress and to set a comfortable pace, one that allows you to visualize, imagine, and dream what it is you would like to encounter in your days ahead.  What do you want your future to look like?  Are you happy with the road you are on?  What would you like to see created along the way?  Anything goes here; this is your dream and future reality.  You are the creator here.  Don’t be afraid to get excited and step on the gas a bit.  Feel the rush of the wind in your hair and listen to your favorite music as it inspires your every thought.  Let yourself go as you ride straight into “happily ever after”.

Even the bends can have their excitement.  Most will be short-term as your physical vision may be limited by your need to stay focused, and on the path or road you are on.  This does not mean you cannot be creative.  Here on the bends one just needs to be ready with allowing their thoughts and ideas the freedom to be present, so that swift clear choices for action can be taken.  Here on the windy parts of the road one needs to hold their confidence in making quick clear decisions, there’s no time to vacillate.  As you remain focused and determined, along with committed to the greater intention of your creative pursuits, you will always know what to do when swift action for choosing comes into view. 

As you trust you’re knowing confidently so too then is your strength and power available, at the precise time you will need to know what it is you must creatively do.  Even to the extent that you may not do anything but change gears from low to high or high to low, knowing  it is just what is needed to stay right on track with your dreams, desires, and happiness.

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