Putting Love On Hold

“Run, run as fast as you can!” Is this what the L-word generates inside of us when it is given by another whom we feel is not of “that caliber” in a relationship with us?  Does the L-word bring up questions for us as to its degree of truth or validity when someone we are close to expresses it?  Do we crave to hear “I love you” from everyone we feel close to and when it is not said we begin to doubt their sincerity and connectedness with us?   How many times do we withhold the L-word because we are too afraid the other person we are saying it to will consider us crazy, over-sentimental, too serious, or over-expressing our feelings?  How often do we feel we are restricted by the L-word, as when it is expressed by another we are then obligated to comply with this person on some perceived level of a relationship?  That if someone express love toward us we must then reciprocate, no matter what sacrifices this may entail of us being our self?  There are many ways we can look at this approach in the expression of love to another, and more importantly in our own expression of love-of-self.

Our heart holds the avenue for this direct source of love energy.  Our heart becomes the channel or vessel, guiding us and assisting us in our sense of flow of this strong and powerful Source energy.  Many times we halt the expression of love no matter what the consequences may be, only because we are too afraid to deliver what we perceive as “such a powerful message”.  We feel “Maybe it could end up getting misread, misinterpreted, or redirected in the wrong way, only to come back and break my heart or hurt my feelings by being rejected or minimized in mutual importance.”  “Do I have the courage and confidence to spare when it comes to saying “I love you” willfully, freely and unconditionally?”

Is it really even possible to be unconditional all of the time with our expression of love and our hearts’ strong desire to express our self this way?  Do we not usually expect from the one we say “I love you” to automatically appreciate our outward expression of love, with the hope that they feel the same by sincerely saying “I love you” back to us?  An undeniable exchange is our usual hopeful expectation otherwise we would rather just wait, until the one we would desire to hear the words of love to willfully say them first.  We think “hold on my heart let’s play it safe, let someone else be the first to express the L-word.”   “It’s the only way we can avoid any painful mix-ups or harsh criticism for such foolishness as to think we are worthy to say “I love you”.”

Is it time to allow “I love you” into your life?  Is it time to say yes to your heart and feel the joy in experiencing love fully expressed from the core of your being?  Yes, of course it is, there’s no time but NOW to take love off of hold and express it fully, authentically, and passionately to all you feel and sense the need to now.

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