Learning New Parameters

Feeling free, liberated, and delivered anew.  What does this mean?  Can this new feeling of breaking-free even be defined?  What have we let go of and is it possible to define that?  Maybe instead of focusing on what we’ve let go of we might realize what we’ve come to accept.  Maybe the release is in the judgment of “what was” and that everything we feel we have been a part of has been everything we needed all along.   That it is truly safe for us to realize our new shift in all that we are and in the way we now perceive our life.

To let go of old definitions now means to set new parameters.  Yet even as we look about us to set these new parameters we begin to realize that they are already in place.  Our new parameters naturally came about with the shifts we recently made as we allowed the naturally occurring changes in our life to be present, adjusting our life accordingly.  Yes, it is here in our feeling of deliverance and liberation that we flow our optimum joy once again.   It is in our joy that we know the Truth of importance in being our authentic-self.  That just in our “being” we are everything, we have purpose and our life does matter.  In our joy, fears and doubts do not exist; feelings of restriction and judgment do not exist.  In our joy we see only the beauty and Light in everything.

So here, as we observe our new parameters that have naturally come into place we know the Truth that they are only temporary and are present to guide us forward until other new parameters will naturally be set again.  We come to understand that our joy is the result of our body and Soul working together in unison and harmony.  And, that while the Soul may not need parameters or can sense through any illusion of definitiveness, the body/mind may need these in order to function in their Highest and Best way.  Our joy then becomes the parameter of the Soul, as it relates to the infinite nature of flowing love and purely allowing all elements to be present unconditionally and without judgment.  There is a mutual agreement here now consciously understood and shared, thus peace and harmony flow delivering our entire being into a new wholeness of everlasting growth and progress.  All is established now in its newness.

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