Never Say Never

Pass the torch after you ignite your own.  What happens once we have more light in and around us?  Do we not see more clearly what is present?  We will see with our physical eyes and use our vision to interpret what we are seeing.  Beyond that we will also interpret what is not seen, what is felt and sensed as part of what we are experiencing.  Here we may come to find that we have placed numerous limits around our selves, limits that may not have become notable until now.  “Why are they here?” we may ask, as we stop to take a moment to find out.

As we begin to realize the intricacy of each limit we will also begin to feel the discomfort of what they once stood for.  Here we may immediately find a connection to old feelings or experiences we have had in the past where we would say “Never again will I go beyond this limit”. We question, “Should I allow myself the room to make a new observation or to come to a new understanding, before I simply disregard moving closer to this limit I know and sense?  Who I am today has made me wiser and stronger, will this not heighten my ability to step a little closer in order to receive a greater picture and understanding of what’s about to be revealed beyond this limit?”

Each limit has many layers and connections to it.  Much goes into the limits we form along the way as they provide us a safe way through our feelings of fear of the unknown.  We immediately work toward setting boundaries when we feel displaced or when our world around us seems in chaos.  We feel we need to set limits in order to keep order and to feel a “new normal” once again.  We become relieved when we have finally made our next steps of transition into the place we feel is that “safe-zone” we will only consider at this time.

Then where does this leave us?  What is one to do with their growth and development sensed with the openness now felt as needed in order to move out of the safe-zone?  Here we realize we are able to become more secure and confident with our abilities to bring more light into our experience and to embrace the abundance now present, denying hasty action to limit it in any way. You now realize that you become the decision maker of your own limitations simply by asking “Why this limit is here and is it time to move beyond it?”

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